The power to save pets lives

Give an hour to save a life

The videos below show how to participate from anywhere in the USA. Watch the videos then follow the links to pet photography lessons offered at east coast and west coast locations. Get free tips from top professional photographer, Seth Casteel.

Cannot attend an event? No problem. Follow Seth Casteel’s Youtube channel for instructions on One Picture Saves a Life.

Waiting is hard to do.
Waiting is hard to do.

Just an hour a week volunteering at your local animal shelter can save pets’ lives. Give a shelter cat or dog a bath and grooming, then take a professional quality photograph. This program is sponsored by the Greater Good and The Animal Rescue Site.

IMG 2512

We adopted Sydney from a local animal shelter. But his photograph never made it to the Internet, although he spent three weeks in the shelter.


Because of his out-of-control behavior and “puppyish” chewing on fingers. The shelter volunteers nicknamed him “Sid Vicious” because his sharp teeth hurt. We know. He bit and chewed on us too. That was before we trained him.

Imagine if the shelter staff had euthanized Sydney because he had bitten Vets, groomers, and anyone who handled him!

We feel grateful for their wise staff who understood that all Sydney needed was training (a lot of training, lol).

Join with the Greater Good and your local animal shelter asks volunteers to go to their local animal shelter and give a pet a bath, brush him or her, then take a stunning professional photograph to put on pet adoption sites. In this way, we can get more shelter pets loving adoptive homes.

We can all help get more pets adopted

Thanks for caring about animals. Please share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media sites.

Warmly, Deborah Taylor-French at Dog Leader Mysteries.

For more information, visit Seth Castell One Picture saves a Life on Youtube.

Thanks for being a hero for shelter pets.

Please comment below.

Let me know if you visit any of these links or sign up to help.

3 thoughts on “The power to save pets lives

  1. Excellent post, Deborah! I watched both videos and I plan to refer (link) to this blog post in one of my own upcoming posts about adoption. Thank you so much for sharing this information!


    1. Thanks so much for reading and watching the videos.
      This is such a great opportunity. One hour a week at an animal shelter after free pet photography lessons on YouTub.

      Let me know where you share it so I can send it one to more shares!


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