Are 2 dogs 4 times the work? Wordless Wednesday

I have heard it said, “Two dogs are four times as much work as one.”

Do you have two dogs? Are they much more work to care for than one?


Once we had two dogs, keeshond cousins. Dawn and Nabisco got along so splendidly that caring for them felt easier than caring for one dog.


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7 thoughts on “Are 2 dogs 4 times the work? Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great question, and I wanted to see the answers – I need ammunition to persuade my husband to get a second dog (not puppy)! I’ve been trying to convince him that it would be easier than having a single dog…


    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m wanting more answers too.

      I recommend you try playdates with dogs you think your dog would like, to see how they play and solve territory issues.

      I feel lucky our second dog, Nabisco, happened to be a distant cousin of our dog, Dawn.

      We were ask if we could keep him for a week. His new family lived faraway. But the dog person in that family became ill, so we were asked if we would co-own with his breeder. We signed a contract to never sell or give him away.

      Because we had that week to see what fantastic fun the dogs had together, we accepted Nabisco. He made our family so very happy. I still long for him, the most affectionate, easy-going and healthy dog of all time (we have raised 5 adopted dogs).


  2. We have two dogs and it’s a ton of work, but more fun. I walk them separately most of the time, so that’s more work, but I like that they have a playmate. Now, I’m thinking of getting a third, I think that might be more than three times the work!


    1. Wow, what dedication. You walk them separately? Boy, do your dogs have great lives, each other for company and their own special time with you, Kari.

      I loved when our daughter grew big enough to walk one of our dogs along side me. But I never let her walk the younger dog because no matter how old he got, the first twenty minutes he pulled like a sled team leader.


    1. Good to know.

      We also adopted both keeshonds after each had been returned to their ethical breeders. Being one-year-old made it easy to train both Dawn and Nabisco, they came house trained and knowing a few essential commands like sit, and stay.


  3. Deborah, we have 2, too! The older dog, whom we inherited from my ailing in-laws, is actually pretty easy — she knows to hold her potty until she goes outside (whereas our Yorkie-Bichon was trained on a potty pad, but can go either way). She also almost always eats without questioning what we’ve put out — whereas C-Dog can be, well . . . particular. 🙂


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