You said Nashville? Wordless Wednesday

Nashville? Did I hear Nashville?

Crop Tux ears up corner

 Blog Paws 2015

Time to plan your participation in Blog Paws 2015. This morning Blog Paws revealed that location. The annual  conference in Nashville, Tennessee has launched this Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

Who said Nashville?
Who said Nashville?

BP Wordless wed Hop Logo 2014







Come hop around with us!


3 thoughts on “You said Nashville? Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’d love to go to Nashville, Deborah! Thanks for these cute photos to inspire me to go! A rabbit and a dog together — that’s amazing!


    1. I’ve never been to Nashville, have you?

      Our daughter at 12 wanted to take their photo together, so after we had done very careful introductions (dog on leash) rabbit free inside his territory-bingo! She came out of her room to share her pets posing.

      She always was a natural with pets.


      1. Well, your daughter certainly has the touch! Maybe she’ll be an “animal whisperer.” 🙂 No, I don’t believe I’ve ever been to Nashville to visit, but we might have driven through on our way to Florida.


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