No pugs on me: Wordless Wednesday

Ain’t no pugs on me

Forget Pugs!
Sydney ready to play

Might be pugs on some of you mugs

It feels warm in here.
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi’s nails.

But there ain’t no pugs on me!

Please vote for me!
I yap at Sydney’s Spot. All about, me, me, and more me.




6 thoughts on “No pugs on me: Wordless Wednesday

  1. That’s so cute! And good advice about saving for BlogPaws 2015. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comment. Happy WW!


    1. Thanks, are you a Blog Paws member? So many members, so little time. Do connect. I’ll get on the community page this weekend. Right now, working on a full Website, beyond dogs, pets and animals…more mystery, myth and short fiction.


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