99% – 3 Steps to Abolishing Puppy Mills

Blogging pal inspires

C-Dog & Company has inspired my blogging several times with great content, personal and original writing . I believe animal lovers and bloggers will love her as much as I do. Visit her Monday post offering “3 steps to abolishing puppy mills.” The first step is education.

I do hope you all will (or are) a part of the solution to the suffering of dogs in puppy mills. Did you know that the female breeder dogs end up being killed after 5 years? I know most dogs live longer lives than that. Plus there is a woman known as “The Madonna of the Mills”? She takes in wornout puppy makers and finds homes for them. Do tell me if you enjoy this reblog of C-Dog & Company.

Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

Rescue us, please?
Death row dogs.

3 thoughts on “99% – 3 Steps to Abolishing Puppy Mills

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dawn. I believe you are right. I’m such a bookworm that before we settled on the keeshond breed, I read many chapters in books, plus talked to breeders. Our local breeders educated me on the option of a Bay Area Keeshond Rescue.

      We met the “Gold Standard” of ethnical breeders. Two families who required each buyer to sign a buy back policy. For the life of the dog, they would buy any of their puppies back. That’s how we ended up meeting Dawn, a one year old. Dawn had been returned twice, since the families did not wish to train her. We got a great HEALTHY dog and a lifelong friendship, which led to our adopting a male runt, who had lost his first three homes.

      My point being, the only ethnical breeding is buying back the puppy for the lifetime of the dog. Yes, their are other breeders who do this. They keep room in their hearts and homes for every dog they sell. Wow, some people are awesome!


  1. Thanks for the reblog, Deborah! Gosh, I’m having so many computer problems here lately, I’m surprised I even got my post up today! 🙂


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