An Irish Pet Blogger: Wordless Wednesday

By Deborah Taylor-French

“This IS YOUR MONTH! Yes, we shout, because September is International Pet Blogger Month, and BlogPaws is the first, the original, and the social media community that launched it all in 2009…”

International Pet Blogger Month

Do you long for more friends? Do you want to connect in community?

I experience the joy of loving friends and family. A huge heartful of gratitude to my friend, favorite reader and editor, Marc Hoffman.

Plus a thank you to the pet blogger friends I have made online and in the Blog Paws Community.

Lick me, I'm Irish
Where’d all that green come from?

Not so Wordless Wednesday

My dear grandmother knew her half of her family immigrated from Ireland (a place my friend Susan is going to in a few days). I give you a photograph of our dog, Sydney, enjoying his Irish for a day.

Blog Paws Community

Please sign up for a free profile and connect with other pet lovers.

More fun than Facebook or Twitter because

instead of selfies we do pet-zes.

Yes, photographs of our pets.

Get closer so I lick you.
Having fun Is my Job.

I give you two photographs and a blog hop.

This is a Blog Hop!

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