Applause for gentle big dogs: Photo Friday

In praise of big dogs and the people who love them,

I give you today’s “Photo Friday” on Thursday.

I love big dogs, don’t have any now. Sure wish I did.

Hey, I'm a cool dog.
Chilling between his families feet

 “The Samoyed is a good-natured, kind, somewhat mischievous, family dog who has a fondness for people, especially children. They have developed over the years in close proximity with people, and therefore love to be around them. The beauty of a Samoyed is in its smile, which extends from ear to ear and will attract attention when they are out.

An owner of a Samoyed should be somebody who is willing to give of their time in both grooming and activity. Samoyeds do not shed, instead you will find their woolly undercoat coming out like white balls of fluff floating through the air. Their coat is also odorless, which is why it has been used in the past for spinning wool.” San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Website

Yummy. People food!
Thanks, I waited sooo long for this.

Before we became adoptive parents, I  had to give up my dream of rescuing a Samoyed dog. I checked out several books from the library and they all stated that Samoyed dogs need two hours of exercise per day. Becoming a mother, running a home, keeping my job teaching dance squeezed my days too tight.

That’s our back story behind why we choose keeshonds, instead of Samoyed.

Two hours a day, do you have it?

Does your family have active members who love to jog, hike or run, daily?

If your answer is yes, then read up on what great pets Samoyed’s make.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue needs foster homes ASAP!


Deborah Taylor-French

PS. Please share and care for dogs that do not deserve to lose their lives due to over breeding and public ignorance about irresponsible puppy mill breeders.

A four tips for successfully parenting big dogs

  1. Prepare before adopting or fostering a big dog.
  2. Exercise your big dog, everyday!
  3. Spend time socializing your big dog to greet others with gentle patience.
  4. Hand-feed your big dog to take treats and food in a relaxed manner.




3 thoughts on “Applause for gentle big dogs: Photo Friday

    1. I love keeshonds. Both of ours came from local longtime raisers of the breed, not a puppy mill and because they are rarely bred in mass numbers, the majority are healthy and well balanced family pets.

      I still miss our Dawn and Nabisco. But I do not miss the hours of brushing their undercoats.


  1. Excellent post, Deborah! I’m retweeting. I know some folks who have, or are thinking of getting, larger-sized dogs and your advice would be very good for them. 🙂


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