Caring 4 Animal Lovers

Animal advocate love

Let the mystery of human love to animals multiply on earth until only compassion for each other and animals brings unlimited peace and joy.

Pet lover gives a dog an affectionate rub.
Pet lover gives a dog an affectionate rub.

Cannot help it, I love people who love animals enough to advocate and take action for homeless pets, endangered wild animals and our diverse earthly creatures. So after you watch the video below, please visit the pet bloggers on this Wednesday Blog Paws Blog Hop.

Thanks,  Deborah Taylor-French

“They went to rescue a hurt little dog hiding in the bush…” UpWorthy

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2 thoughts on “Caring 4 Animal Lovers

    1. Bless you. I love that you are looking in. I’m pushing to deadline on two projects, but will try to look in and share what you write (love your blog, Debra).

      I’m thinking up some wider topics for this plus getting back to my main goal, which is to test my Dog Leader Mystery stories and chapters online.


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