5 things I learned from little dogs: Photo Friday

Do little dogs make big problems?

I have raised several little dogs, as small as six pounds.  I’ve also walked and trained a German Shepherd and two average sized keeshonds (forty plus each). I think a majority of small dogs behave differently from their larger cousins. While all my dogs have taught me a great deal, the little dogs have both been easier and harder to manage.

Little dogs love to get their way, all the way.

Mom, what can I do? I can help, really.
Mom, what can I do? I can help, really.

5 things I learned from little dogs

  1. Training required.
  2. Give little dogs a job (or else, they will drive you crazy).
  3. Teach them when to bark and when to be quiet.
  4. Little dogs act like puppies, so protect them from their own imagined largeness.
  5.  Not all little dogs love to sit in laps.

Training enjoyed by both dog and dog parent with toys and treats.

Training a little dog to wait for his treats

Hand with treats














 Oh, mom. It’s so hard to wait.

Sid looks at treats














 My mouth is ready. I’m watching for your signal.

Sid mouth ready

To read more about what makes little dogs tick, click on my longer blog post “Wolfish or Puppyish? Little dogs and big dogs speak.”

Do you have a little dog? Did you ever raise or foster a little dog? Please chime in with some tips or wisdom.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Deborah Taylor-French

2 thoughts on “5 things I learned from little dogs: Photo Friday

  1. Deborah, I couldn’t agree with you more about little dogs. C-Dog is a little dog, and he fits all of your 5 criteria — yes, yes, yes! I always thinks it’s so funny how he “thinks” he’s so much bigger, especially from a distance to larger dogs. LOL Your pup is adorable, by the way. Maybe you told me this already, but is his part Bichon, Maltese??? Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing about C-Dog. I love it that you have a little one that fits the 5 things I learned. Of course, each little dog is uniquely talented, loving, personable and intelligent.

      Sydney, adopted 10+ years ago, is half minipoodle & half Cocker Spaniel = Cocapoo. Which has never been a stable breed, interms of reproducing a standard of height, weight nor temperment.

      He is the smartest dog I’ve been challenged by so socialize. He only works for food or treats. Ignores us 20% of the time and does his own thing. Nicknamed Sid Vicious for chewing on everyone’s fingers. .


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