Happy Haunting: Photo Friday

A blast from the past?

The story behind dressing our dog up

We never had a dog that needed to wear sweaters before Sydney. Being half miniature poodle, Sydney needs a shave about every eight weeks, even in hot seasons. All poodle and doodle dogs inherit the same problem. Regular grooming, which pet parents need to learn or pay for every six to eight weeks.

Jackie O' disguise
Like my Jackie O’ disguise?

Poodles grow hair not fur. So hair grows in his ears that needs plucked. Also hair grows on his belly and into his eyes, soon he looks like a white mop. Shaved, Sydney feels chilled even in the house in summer. So we started with a t-shirt, hard to find one long enough for his Cocker Spaniel backbone.

Marc invented this Jackie O’ disguise.

T-shirts and sweaters for poodle & doodle dogs

After t-shirts, we bought a sweater and raincoat. He loved to walk in the rain, if he didn’t get too chilly. Then there came the year of the pirate costume ordered from The Animal Rescue Site sponsored by The Greater Good. Not only can you click on The Animal Rescue Site to give a bowl of food to a shelter pet (daily), but you can buy pet products, gifts and, yes, pet costumes. I nearly ordered the skunk costume for our little stinker, Sydney, I bought him a pirate costume t-shirt.

Our pirate dog napping in costume

Hey, dognapping is okay with me.
Hey, dog napping is okay with me.

Our dog does not like dressing up. But Sydney loves all the positive attention and treat rewards. Plus he cheers us up.

Hint, I like eating pumpkin.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.


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