Pet Rock: Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Little dog loves rock climbing

Remember the “Pet Rock” craze?

I never wanted one nor had one. At one time in the USA, Pet Rock fad soared due to marketing and rose in popularity as a gag gift. Why would people want a Pet Rock?

Now I'm bigger than you are!
Pet Rock

Photo credit: Marc Hoffman

The Pet Rock fad made its inventor, marketing executive Gary Dahl, a 1970’s millionaire. “He wrote a 32 page instruction manual full of puns, gags and plays on words…which was the real product. The original kit consisted of ordinary gray stones from a builders supply store. These had no eyes.” Later eyes were added, along with variations of size and stone color. In 1981 a new wave and power pump band from England, The Sinceros, released an album titled Pet Rock.

Did you like Chia Pets? Somehow I didn’t get the appeal of either, both items fit in the gag gift category. Chia Pets Wikipedia.

Pet Rocks

Please stay tuned for guest blogger, Rosee Riggs, on “Good Dog Practice.” Rosee lives in Europe and has a new Website. Gain insight on how dogs think and why they often do things we think are bad.

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