Black and White Bunny Sunday

Thinking of getting a new pet?

House Rabbits bring hopping fun

Rabbits make sweet and joyful companions for adults. First, we adopted Paris from Rohnert Park Animal Shelter later, I wondered if Paris would like a companion rabbit.

We took in a tiny lop-eared rescue rabbit

At that time, friend had a tiny rescue rabbit, which she kept penned in a small outdoor cage. I worried she would die of fright while the neighborhood dogs rushed and roared at passersby. Against my better judgment we took that tiny harlequin female home. Our daughter named her London. Before we began socializing the two rabbits, I made sure the she looked healthy. Lop-eared, sweet looking London insisted on staying a wild thing, escaping pens, hands and rooms. We offered her fresh garden roses and herbs from our hands. What a long process to socialize so wild a creature. She never held still much, so we have few photos of London.

Below, you see a photograph taken by Alex Leeds, as she trained our dog, Sydney, to live with our new house rabbit, Paris. Can you tell the rabbit won?

"I'm the boss," said Paris.
Paris wins over Sydney

Back to the story of the rescued tiny rabbit, London 

After many a sniff between wire bars, swapping their towels and other scented objects. We put them together, got inside the double X-pen play space and supervised. Wish I had movies of their crazy territorial rumpus. Paris, ever the calm gentleman, let London win. He became a happy bunny, spending long hours chinning and grooming his “mate.” Of course, Paris came neutered from the shelter. For health reasons, we had London spayed. Paris lived for twelve years!

Black and white house rabbit in residency

Today, our adopted house rabbit keeps on hopping, zigzagging, leaping and doing athletic 180 and 360 degree jumps. He came with a perfect name, Tuxedo.

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Freeze, then fast forward
Freeze, then fast forward

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Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

2 thoughts on “Black and White Bunny Sunday

  1. What a cool story, Deborah! I’ve often thought about adopting a rabbit — I see them when I go into the shelter — but with cats I don’t think it would be fair to either party. Still, good for you for taking the rabbits in and giving them a loving home, 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right! Never bring home any new pet without thinking of your entire pet family.

      BTW dogs and cats raised with house rabbits play gently and the rabbits tend to set the rules, after all they are the most delicate and know that they are prey animals.


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