Photo Friday: California Dreaming

Young Golden Retriever adopted from a shelter

When we met this young dog, his new dad had just adopted him from an animal shelter. We offered to hold his dog’s leash, so the man could make a quick trip into Trader Joes. What a lovely young dog. He watched the doors, waiting for his new dad.

What do you want? Just say the word.
Young adopted dog waiting for his dad.

Please adopt, do not shop.

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next dog. Remember millions of wonderful puppies and dogs die in shelters all over the United States of America, due to not being adopted. If you never have adopted, talk to people who have. I’ve adopted and raised five dogs, all wonderful dogs, including two purebred keeshonds, Dawn and Nabisco. Both dogs came back three times from families to their ethical breeders due to a buy back contract.

Lifetime buy back dog breeder contract

Nabisco and Dawn, our keeshond dogs
Nabisco and Dawn, our keeshond dogs

What is an ethical dog breeder?

Definition of an ethical dog breeder: a breeder who only breeds dogs free of health issues, screens potential puppy purchasers and stands behind a legal contract signed by the buyer to sell back each puppy to the breeder for the life of the dog.

An Italian retriever wearing a video camera

Thanks for reading and sharing. Please share this message, adopt, don’t shop. Keep sharing until no more dogs end up being killed due to lack of homes.

Join the Humane Society of the United States.

Please comment, we love our readers.

Deborah Taylor-French




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