Should I stay or should I go? WordPress- .com vs. .org

Changes here and beyond

Dear Readers,

I thankfully acknowledge how much each of you mean to me. Changes must happen. In thinking toward the future of Dog Leader Mysteries, several huge jumps and hops have danced in my mind. Yes, for few years. Actually, I’ve built an author Website on Weebly, which is private, but I hesitate to launch it. I happen to have a very long name. Not so easy to type in search windows, so I’m also toying with a pen name.

Any of you using a pen name?

Have you thought through the advantages vs. the hassles? Email me if you have advise for me. My public email:

The other big, BIG, biggie I face is moving this blog from to The ledger book began tilting years ago, yet I hung on to this blogging site due to the many friendships I treasure (made on this blog).

Yummy. People food!
Thanks, I waited sooo long for this.
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

Not exactly bliss

I have less than a month to make these changes.

So in the next week I’ll ask you questions. I need your help to make some choices. Meanwhile we have set up an email at Mail Chimp for you to add yourself, if you want to keep in touch.

Dog Leader Mysteries from Deborah Taylor-French


8 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go? WordPress- .com vs. .org

    1. Thanks! Wonderful to hear you like reading and would follow.

      Would you like to contribute ideas or a few pages/photographs to my first e-book adventure?

      Our (my editor Marc & me) first book focuses on what people can do to keep their dogs healthy, protect them from dangers (they may not think are) and help their dogs live long healthy lives. We plan to share some commen sense and wisdom of dog parents like Marc, you and me.


  1. Deborah, it seems as though “change is in the air.” I’m wondering what I should do as well. I just got a new template, but I’m a little frustrated that I can’t make it do what I want it to (my fault). I do know that you can’t really make money using — putting ads on your page is almost impossible — so I don’t blame you one bit for going over to the self-hosted blog. I’ll watch you for inspiration! Best wishes! 🙂

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    1. Yes, I have gone back and forth, but I’ve got to launch my Dog Leader Mysteries and begin making money. Four years of learning and fun, I’m willing to give up for a shot at a strong author presence Website & e-commerce. Please stay in touch.


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