Thanks Readers: Wordless Wednesday

Our list of thanks

Thanks readers
Thanks 4: 1,000 likes
  1. Thanks readers for giving us a thousand likes!
  2. Thanks to editor, Marc Hoffman, for copyediting and taking photographs.
  3. Thanks, Winnie and Evelyn, our dear sweet loving mothers.
  4. Thanks to blogger pals for commenting and cheering us on.
  5. Thanks to the One Life, Spirit, for good health for our pets and our families.
  6. Thanks to Blog Paws for connecting  pet bloggers.
  7. Thanks for daily abundance of food for our pets and ourselves.
  8. Thanks for the freedom to write and publish on the World Wide Web.
  9. Thanks to Andrew and Alex for love and support.
  10. Thanks to the staff and volunteers at the Petaluma Animal Shelter and the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter for saving our dog, Sydney, and our rabbit, Tuxedo.
  11. Thanks for Save a Bunny volunteers who teach us more about rabbit care.
  12. Thanks to Charlie Reinhart, trainer, at Unleashed Dog Training in Petaluma, California, for rescuing our dog.

    Thanks 4 sand, sea & stinky stuff
    We love the beach.

This is a Blog Paws blog hop. So keep hopping, knowing that we love your likes and comments.

Deborah Taylor-French

Hey, come hop with us!
Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

19 thoughts on “Thanks Readers: Wordless Wednesday

      1. Oh, I am much too mini for that, luckily!

        P.S. – Mama gets migraines, too! We know how they can erase large spans of time. Glad to hear you are through this episode in time to enjoy the rest of the weekend!


    1. Thanks Paul. We love our readers. We will be moving to another site soon. Just a month to make the changes, so we hope you sign up with our Mail Chimp email list.

      We plan to add a monthly newsletter and toss in free e-books for our VIP subscribers. Happy weekend. Hope you will be enjoying and sharing with family and friends, both furry and non-furry.


    1. Same good wishes to you, Debra, and your multi-pet family. Gratitude has a natural way to make our hearts sing, do you feel it that way?

      Seems the more I’m grateful for the more great people and blessing come into my life.

      Now I’m off to the gym to do a workout and run errands.


      1. Deborah, I do feel that same way about gratitude and people coming into our lives. I think about that often, especially since I joined the blogosphere. Wishing you and yours — critters included — a Happy Thanksgiving! Deb


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