Charming dog videos: Giving Tuesday

The Power of Giving

Giving time reminds us we have life to share

I volunteer my time for three nonprofits, our Redwood Writers branch of the California Writers Club is the largest branch in our state, larger than Los Angeles and Berkeley. As Author Support Facilitator, I meet with writers and steer our month discusses about writing craft, the challenges of writing and revising, options in publishing, expanding our reader audience and keeping up with social media changes.

Giving money helps us feel wealthy

I love to give money to my Center for Spiritual Living. I receive joy, support, light, peace, beauty and power through my spiritual community.

I also love giving to animal rescue groups and animal shelters. When I buy gifts online, I like to buy from The Animal Rescue Site. Today, on that online site they  #givingTuesday sale that doubles your power. Another good thing about The Animal Rescue Site happens to be their a fair trade gifts.

Please chick and shop Giving Tuesday on The Animal Rescue Site.

Giving touch connects us to other people

I recall reading a study which reported that most people need as many as twelve hugs a day to achieve a level of thriving. So boost your creativity, writing and blogging by sharing a dozen daily hugs. Share your touch. Give and get hugs.

Giving skills strengthens our talents and abilities

I love doing this through writing. I give my writing to a nonprofit, go local magazine The Sonoma County Gazette. I write the column “Cotati…Heart & Soul.” Two and half years of sharing the joy and challenges of living in a small northern California town. We actually lived here eighteen years, but I never thought of writing about it before I became an avid Sonoma County Gazette reader.

Giving from our imagination and creativity = delight!

Inspires, delights and spreads joy in our world. We have no idea how far our creative gifts will go in this age of the World Wide Web.

Below you see our Tuxedo stunned to find himself in a jam on the family room table I use as a desk and gardening center.

Hey, what's up here?
Tuxedo lands on my desk



2 thoughts on “Charming dog videos: Giving Tuesday

    1. Thanks Debra. One of my new goals, besides moving or at least building and launching a Website and blog on is to pull together more of my giving and volunteer life into my blogging.

      Please thinks about sharing with me, for this blog, a photograph or two of your handsome pets. Of course, I always print photo credits and links back to your blog.


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