Wordless Wednesday: Cockapoo Santa

Loved Cockapoo: Wordless Wednesday

Just another minute
Our Sydney will do anything for our Alex.

Photo Credit: Alex Leeds

 Our daughter posed, Sydney, for Christmas

At about twelve years old,  Alex posed our dog for this portrait. Sydney at age two, showed a great deal of self-control while sitting there in warm hat and scarf.

Our first Christmas with our Cockapoo demanded much patience from our whole family. We had adopted him from the Petaluma Animal Shelter. He clearly came with huge challenges. Never house trained and still biting everyone like a puppy, Sydney lacked basic canine good citizen skills. We worked with a private trainer on his issues and enrolled in a basic obedience course. Within a few weeks we had house trained Sydney, taught him to walk on a leash and he began to learn that he should save barking for special times. Biting and chewing on our fingers took much longer to teach. Puppies that live with their mothers long enough, learn not to bite. Sydney had learned that puppish biting, got him out of obeying anything he didn’t want to do. He fought each time we put on or took off collars, halters and leashes. Want more Sydney A.K.A. Sid Vicious? Please read the linked post titled “Stop your dog from biting.”

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cockapoo Santa

    1. When she showed me what she had done (and all on her own in her room) I felt stunned. Never had I seen our adopted dog sit still, much less wear a Santa cap and a scarf!

      Always a feeling of awe comes over me when I find a young person has gone and made a work of art, entirely by his or her self.


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