A candle for forgotten pets

Light a candle to remember a forgotten pet.

Waiting is hard to do.

A face in the crowd

Adopt Me Maybe? Song and video by

 WAGS Pet Adoption shelter animals 

“Out in the streets walking around, you were just a face in the crowd.” Tom Petty  a lyric from his song A Face in the Crowd, album Full Moon Fever.

Tom Petty still a heartbreaker

BTW Tom Petty’s on the cover of December’s Rolling Stone, looking pretty good for a bad boy Boomer. Another unusual item about this musical artist and songwriter is that he has had the same band for most of his career, gives them credit as top musical collaborators that listen to new lyrics and go to work on making more great rockin’ roll songs. Cheers to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! Congratulations to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, whose Hypnotic Eye is the veteran rock band’s first Number One album ever.

Thousands of cute, calm and teachable dogs like this one below are waiting.

Marshall, a lucky adopted dog
Going for a walk with my new Mom!

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