Ready? Break Down, California Flooding

Ready? Storm drains full and flooding

We live like the electricity will go out all the time.

No kidding. I’m a candle lover and keep them in every room with matches. Also we have a system of night lights, which charge plugged so this morning when we lost our lights before dawn, we felt prepared.

In minutes, we both put on our camping headlights because we keep them near our bed and use them for reading at night. We had to rush to shut down our desktop computers before the battery backups failed. I’d been logged into this blog and wondered if anybody cared that we were without power.

Not Powerless without electrical power

While thousands in our county live homeless, we live snug, dry and warm. Yesterday in a Sonoma County Library parking lot, I watched a white-haired woman make a sandwich. The trunk of her car stood open as she laid out two slices of white bread and spread something on them. My guess is she was about 70 plus years or older. My throat filled up with tears.

Homeless man & puppies asleep
Homeless man & puppies asleep

Wherever you are, white-haired woman, find a warm dry place

White-haired senior I do hope you have found warm shelter and have warm tea to drink and food to eat.

Gritting my teeth over homelessness
Gritting my teeth over homelessness

When I think of how wealthy the United States Congressmen and women are, I grit my teeth that they hold the power to make that homeless senior much poorer than she is right now.

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One thought on “Ready? Break Down, California Flooding

  1. Yes, yes, Deborah — I hear you on this topic. Once, we were in Chicago and a homeless woman came into the restaurant with a thick blanket wrapped around her like a shawl – she was trying to get in out of a terrible thunderstorm. I felt terrible as we all just sat there and looked at her, and no one, not even some of the restaurant workers, went up and offered her anything! I’ll never sit on my hands like that again. Great post!


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