Oh this is embarrassing: Tech challenges

Oh, one of those weeks of tech challenges

Actually, I’ve been tech challenged all week. We have a small business with several business branches. This year had to be the year to migrate to new computers and to upgrade software, we skipped an entire generation of MAC operating updates (turns out this saved time).

By the way, I could not login this Tuesday

Too bad, I had promised the next story in my series on Dawn, our adopted dream dog. A rather odd excuse, but I had no login due to the fact that I had been using Google to secure my blog. It turns out Google’s authenticator, which served me well for several years and provided me with 2-step secure login code for WordPress, has gone blank and now refuses to upload to the new device.

Darn, drat that cat named Tech-today-gone-tomorrow. So similar to this photographic pet moment below, sometimes we must accept defeat and take a nap, while others hop around. Sydney, our dog, learned quickly that our rabbit, Paris, insisted on being in charge. Sydney had grown up in a home with a cat. I’m sure his first family taught him that cats will not tolerate being chased. With a simple turn of his back, Paris taught Sydney to leave him be. Great life lesson. Sometimes, I’m the dog and sometimes, I get to be the rabbit in-charge.

"I'm the boss," said Paris.
Paris wins over Sydney

2 thoughts on “Oh this is embarrassing: Tech challenges

    1. With all the changes and challenges these should be so tiny on the LIFE scale. Yet I do feel frustrated in times like this where no brilliant answers or solutions show up from searching the Internet.

      So if I’m off schedule or not replying you’ll have a good idea what well I feel down.


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