Sago Palm a Danger to Pets

Thinking of a fresh year ahead and how I can get my top ten writing projects done, while still running this blog. Not a clue yet.

Today, I see this important and new to me notice. I know that most evergreen plants are toxic for rabbits and dogs. Domesticated animals lose their instincts and experience of poisonous smells and tastes.

Please read FACE Foundation WordPress post “Sago Palm a Danger to Pets.” News to me, so this maybe news to you. Please share and pass this post on. Some people who have dogs that will try (and do) eat anything. Reading the book “Marley and Me” reminded me that dogs like Marley love to eat everything!

So share the FYI and keep sharing your love of dogs, pets and animals for 2015. I’m working on the words to say what’s up for me and when I have them, I promise to do a blog post.

Can I eat that?
I love to eat.

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