Little dog in hurricane

Dogs in hurricane weather

Darkness & 125 mile winds
Darkness & 125 mile winds

Si es verdad. It is hard to believe.

In reading the weekly free paper, Gringo  Gazette in Baja, CA Sur, Mexico, a tiny dog (smaller than the one in this photograph) lived through Hurriane  Odile without shelter. When they rescued her she now suffers from injuries. If you would like to help this sweet survivor, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Volunteers for Baja SAFE San Jose Del Cabo

“It never stops , I just don’t know how people could just walk by this and not do a damn thing ! Well we stopped Val and me. …she is just a sweet little thing . Suffering from mange ,starvation, and love . Another one LEFT TO DIE !! Her name is MALI about 2 years old small dog, Mali needs a sponsor to help with medical costs , I can’t believe she made it through the hurricane .. A true survivor ….”

The Bajal Gringo Gazette reported that

“A larger challenge for pet lovers and humane society volunteers here in Cabo San Lucas turns out that much of the Humane Society animal shelter lost it’s roofing. The poor dogs huddled together, waiting for their volunteers to return and bring them food and water.

Another link below to share and to click the to help shelter volunteers provide roofing, once again for homeless pets.

Thank you for reading, sharing and donating to the four legged victims of hurricane Odile.

January 11, 2015

New topics for blogging came to me, on the beach, in my dreams and photographing the dogs of Baja CA. Sur, Mexico. On my first trip to this region I met and spoke with dog lovers, dog adopters and dog rescue volunteers in La Paz and in San Jose del Cabo. Of course, reading about this tiny mutt who survived out and all alone made me think that you would be interested n her story too.”


Deborah Taylor-French

January 2016 update

Volunteers have raised money for new animal shelter roofs! So go woof these pet rescue volunteers up.

Visit Baja Safe Humane Society

Get updates from Volunteers for Baja SAFE San Jose Del Cabo on Facebook

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