Wok this Music?

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Serene Sunday

Serene Sunday? I recommend listening to David Charrier’s remarkable music. This music video makes me want to see where I can buy his music. Click links for further enjoyment  posted below.

Hi-fve or low fi, I love music.
You’ve got dog music?

Photo Credit: Ardilla on Head-Fi.org Forum

Song title: Hang

So here you go, David Charrier – YouTube Channel

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Deborah Taylor-French

PS. The object David is making music )Wok definition: is a wok; a bowl-shaped frying pan used typically in Chinese cooking.. By the way, Dog Leader  Mysteries is my brainchild, fiction and nonfiction for saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.

See you Monday. Planning  a post not to be missed.

“”Humane Nation; What’s Climate Change got to do with dogs?”


3 thoughts on “Wok this Music?

    1. Hi Debra, glad to hear from you. Always feel free to send me a link to your blog at my public gmail – dtfwriter@gmail.com. WordPress only lets us have on all emails for all blogs followed or no emails. I really want updates from you and a handful of blog buddies, so call me! (oh I would love to chat with you too) lets make it happen.


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