Climate Change spells death for mammals

This blog post, “Public trust and Oregon” comes from Paul Handover’s WordPress blog, Learning from Dogs. Paul writes that  “…Learning from Dogs is about truth, integrity, honesty and trust in every way. We use the life of dogs as a metaphor.” With the first Post published on the 15th July 2009, Paul continues his vision .

The Bill Moyers’ program is less than 30-minutes long. It is extraordinarily fine viewing, especially for the younger viewer. Do share it widely.

The Children’s Climate Crusade.

Full Show: The Children’s Climate Crusade


The very agencies created to protect our USA environment find themselves hijacked by the polluting industries the agencies to regulate. It may just turn out that the judicial system, our children and their children will save us from ourselves.

The new legal framework for this crusade against global warming is called atmospheric trust litigation. It takes the fate of the Earth into the courts, arguing that the planet’s atmosphere – its air, water, land, plants and animals — are the responsibility of government, held in its trust to insure the survival of all generations to come. It’s the strategy being used by Bill’s recent guest, Kelsey Juliana, a co-plaintiff in a major lawsuit spearheaded by Our Children’s Trust, that could force the state of Oregon to take a more aggressive stance against the carbon emissions.

Do you know that

Public trust laws date back to the Roman Empire?

It’s the brainchild of Mary Christina Wood, a legal scholar who wrote the book, Nature’s Trust, tracing this public trust doctrine all the way back to ancient Rome.

Bill Moyers’ quote

Wood tells Bill: “If this nation relies on a stable climate system, and the very habitability of this nation and all of the liberties of young people and their survival interests are at stake, the courts need to force the agencies and the legislatures to simply do their job.”

Producer: Robert Booth. Editor: Rob Kuhns.

Love me, protect me.
This dog’s nose knows where his person went.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Life on earth means that all mammals’ depend on our taking action on Climate Change. Save the whales.

Save the dogs. Save the children.


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