The search engines of the future will be able to see and hear like humans

Too much information?
“You are not alone.” Laurie Anderson sings this line, which just popped into my head. I could write a daily blog just about her lyrics, music and mystery. Anderson happens to be a dog lover. She told a story about a retreat she took in the hills of the North Bay Area and walking to the sea with her little dog. The terror of being watched from the sky shocks her dog to look up at the circling turkey buzzards.
Are we now all little dogs, that should be looking up?
Do you see all the security and surveillance cameras that record you everyday? Walk to any street corner and look up. Walk into a store and make yourself find the one-eyed camera watchers.

Are we all asleep? Does it matter to you that your every action, trip to the market, dog walking moments, arriving and leaving home are recorded?
Yesterday, I raised a greeting card we had picked up to shield my eyes from the lights and studied our reflections in a pharmacy mirror. The curved surface turned the reflected world weirdly bluish and bent. We were being watched, recorded and time stamped.

Now I have a great desire to wear my favorite wide brimmed straw hat, everywhere. Everyday.

2 thoughts on “The search engines of the future will be able to see and hear like humans

    1. Hi Debra & C-dog, thanks for reading. I guess as I read blogs in WordPress Reader, my thoughts sprang out into the World Wide Web, yet part of my brain felt wholely engaged in thinking, not blogging.

      “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

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