Heal Dog Hot Spots

Need to treat a dog’s hot spots?

Confused on what to use?

Then you are not alone. We fell into the same confusion. After searching the Internet for an effective hot spot treatment, my eyes and mind felt scrambled.

  • Why so many YouTube videos, exactly 10,100 claiming hot spot cures?
  • A Google search came back with a mind-boggling  517,000 results!
  • We needed to know what was effective and to start treatment fast.

Sometimes searching the World Wide Web turns into a big time suck. Luckily, we have several local family pet businesses nearby. Good thing that they thrive despite big box stores. Marc drove to 49er Pet Shop. Of course, they had several product options. Marc knew that one of the most important ingredients should be something distasteful to Sydney.

The dog who ate dirt.
Sydney ready to gobble a dog treat or a piece of carrot, etc.

Does your dog lick everything?

  • Our dog licks dirt.
  • He likes and licks sunblock and lotion.
  • He enjoys licking cayenne pepper.
  • He eats raw vegetables.
  • Our dog has an allergy to grass (which he rolls in at every opportunity).

We treated our dog, Sydney, successfully, with Aller-911™ Hot Spot Foam Spray. We photographed the product so you can see the label clearly.

NaturVet – Our Story

“In the summer of 1994, my wife Traci rescued our white lab Winston, who was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Several veterinarians recommended putting him down, but this was never an option for us. We began researching alternative medicine while working with Dr. Pedro Rivera, a renowned holistic veterinarian. After several months, we developed a natural joint formula that gave Winston a second chance at life. Winston went on to enjoy ten long years of playing and swimming with his brothers. We soon found others who wanted only the best for their pets as well – NaturVet natural pet supplements were born.”

NaturVet makes treatments for cats & horses, too.

Not only has our dog Sydney stopped licking and biting his hot spots, both spots appear to be healing nicely. A relief for our dog and for our family members worried about our dog.

Try me. I work fast.
Try me. I work fast.

What is your favorite dog product?
Comment so we can share.

PS. My Internet search turned up a deep dog care site.

On this website, I read simple explanations of hot spots and other terms veterinarians give hot spots, also a list of common causes. The writer included suggestions for keeping a dog hot spot free.

Go see what Dog Care Knowledge has to say about hot spots on dogs.

PPS. Want a guide to the why & how of grooming your dog?

No Longer Wild: Dog Grooming Guide

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Deborah Taylor-French


6 thoughts on “Heal Dog Hot Spots

    1. Dampness does play a part in hot spot cycles, especially in long coated or dogs with undercoats (like our keeshonds). So grooming regularly and always drying the dog after every bath or romp in water must be kept up.

      Glad Farley lives where his skin is much healthier. Thanks for reading, Kristina.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, hi Debra. Hope it works for your dog. I just saw several typos in this post. Writing at 6 AM is a treat, but this morning I had dry eyes and never noticed I set myself up for failure. I had three tabs open in Safari, all three were open to editing this one post. Yikes! Hope I never to that again. Like Ground Hog day times 10.


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