Raw food recall: J J Fuds Frozen Pet Food

J. J. Fuds Raw dog food recall expands

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Because you signed up on my website and asked to be notified, I’m sending you this special recall alert.

On January 27, 2015, J. J. Fuds of Valparaiso, Indiana, announced it is expanding its recall of select lots of J. J. Fuds Raw Frozen Pet Food to include 2 other products due to unspecified contamination.

To learn more, please visit the following link: J J Fuds Raw Frozen Pet Food Recall Expands

Please be sure to share the news of this important safety alert with other pet owners.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor
P.S. Not already on our dog food recall notification list? Sign up to get critical dog food recall alerts sent to you by email. There’s no cost for this service.

I copied this email notice from The Dog Food Advisor. I highly recommend you sign up for this list.

Please share to save dogs’ lives

We don’t feed Sydney raw meat. We do feed organic raw vegetables in limited quantities. We care about pets and want our readers to share this important news. Also we want you to know that we receive the Dog Food Advisor’s updates. Mike Sagman never stuffs our email box, but sends out notices as fast as he receives them. We asked our local pet stores if they receive notices before opening each day. You can do that. Ask when and how pet foods get pulled from their shelves, your pet’s life depends on this.

Meeting & greeting dogs
Meeting & greeting dogs

For the love of dogs and the people who love them

Watch dog
Loyal, calm, loving, and every protective of his family Simba keeps watch.

This blog continues to evolve yet our purpose never changes…to save dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.


Thanks for reading and sharing, Deborah Taylor-French

2 thoughts on “Raw food recall: J J Fuds Frozen Pet Food

    1. Excellent. What a great role model you are, both for blogging at a high level and welcoming readers and writers, but also as an active advocate for keeping dogs healthy! Hope you get some reblog and shares from your reversion. Do let me know. Warmly, Deborah

      BTW off now to go see my mentor so I’ll be off most email and blog for at least 2 days.


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