Writers, answer this question

Writers what answer do you give?

The question?

Are you writing what you need/want to?

March 2, 2015

Dear Redwood Writer and WordPress Writer Pals,

Please read Anne Peterson’s book review on her WordPress blog. You will find a link below. She blogs on WordPress under her name and has a .com Web address.  In this post that I have reblogged Peterson reviews Jeff Goins’ newest and not in publish release book, The Art of Work. Learn how you can receive Goins’ book for free and in print!

Please visit, hit like and leave a comment on Peterson’s original “What if it’s Not too Late? ”

“All along, her life was teaching her something, even in the pain.

And if she hadn’t paid attention, she just might have missed it.

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

Please visit, hit like and leave a comment on Peterson’s original “What if it’s Not too Late? ”  Excellent book review of Jeff Goins’ The Art of Work. Also please share on social media and with writer friends, so they can take part and receive a free book (for the cost of shipping).

Anne Peterson Writes

clock edited

We’ve all seen them. People who knew what they wanted to be from the time they were little ones. A teacher inspired them to pick up a piece of chalk and make a difference.

Or maybe the lack of a good doctor when their family needed one, lit a fire in them to become a good doctor in someone else’s life.

We have greenly looked at those who knew, whose certainty dripped from their every movement. And we kept looking at our own lives, wondering what could have been.

It’s never too late to pursue your calling.

Because we weren’t made with cookie cutters, we think differently, act differently and accomplish goals differently. And that’s okay. Maybe more of us would pursue our callings if we better understood the process.

And then I read The Art of Work, by Jeff Goins. A book that not only acknowledges our differences, but also…

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