Why Irish greyhound dogs need our help

The first greyhounds lived esteemed and loved

Drawings and paintings of greyhounds date back 4,000 years. From the ancient Egyptians to Homer’s Odyssey to the Bible, greyhound dogs lived as companions to royalty. Laws in many societies forbid commoners from owning or breeding greyhounds. At one point, greyhound dogs, known as sight hounds and used in hunting, lived protected and valued far more than a human life. Want to know more? Visit “History of the Greyhound Dog Breed” on Golden State Greyhound Adoption.

Help Irish Greyhound race track dogs

Irish Greyhounds need our help. Puppies and dogs that prove they do not love to chase a lure or lose a race suffer being euthanized. Dogs that run in races live in filthy small crates, travel long distances without water or food. Help change the laws to match the standards in the United Kingdom.

Please sign this Care2 petition. Tell the Irish government that the world’s dog lovers CARE about the dogs who make dog racing possible in their country. Save racetrack greyhounds from suffering horrible treatment and death.

The story of this ongoing tragic abuse needs voices from people all over the world. My friend, Rosee believes that signatures from citizens in the Untied States of America, can make a difference by signing this petition and changing the laws in Ireland. Read more on my 1 Minute for Irish Greyhounds.

Meet Speedy, a lucky Irish greyhound, before and after

an Irish underfed track dog
Speedy came as a racetrack rescue from Ireland.

Photo credit: Katrin Bargheer

Please sign this petition NOW.  Please share this post and the Care2 petition on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and in emails to friends. Care2 Petition Bring Irish Greyhound Racing Regulations in line with the UK Thanks for caring, Deborah Taylor-French

Speedy now lives with Rosee. Notice Speedy’s shiny coat, clear strong gaze and well-fed muscles?

Former Irish racing greyhound, now safe & happy
Former Irish racing greyhound, now safe & happy

Photo credit: Judith Utner

2 thoughts on “Why Irish greyhound dogs need our help

  1. Thank you so much, Deborah, for this wonderful and informative article. Also for your commitment to bettering the lives of these gentle giants who deserve to live their lives in dignity, free from pain, stress and fear. The petition has gained fantastic momentum – almost 170,000 signatures at this point! My heartfelt thanks to all who have signed and shared the petition! 🙂


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