The Monday Post: Links for Readers and Writers

Oh, what a happy find!

I love finding new blogs, especially blogs on writing. What a way to begin a week with a peek at juicy links for writers and readers. Do go and enjoy L.N. Holmes’ blog. I found her blog through a comment she posted on Kristin Lamb’s Blog. Visit and read Kristin Lamb’s Blog too, because she keeps up fun, witty and encouraging advice to writers. Be sure not to miss Lamb’s post “What Makes a “Real” Writer?

Laughter and poetry?

Due to luck and the pursuit of a face to face writers’ group, Monday has turned into a golden day. For about eight weeks now, I have met with a poetry critique group. What joy to find dozen other writers, who not only love poetry, read poetry and write it, but also work to understand others’  poetry and revise their own poems. Usually, I feel I am the odd duck in any room, but now I’m the ugly duckling in a room full of other youthful swans. I find the sound of original poetry read aloud, thrilling.

A huge change in my writing life

After years writing poetry in private journals, I enjoy Monday Poets profusion of language and images. We give each other workshops on poetry forms and writing methods. A riot of exotic settings and historical periods, all made from a few words results from our efforts. By studying fiction for years, both by reading and writing plus in a critique group, I find myself in a field of dreams, writing poetry with others. I learn so much each Monday that I feel inspired all week. Writing poetry offers an ultimate challenge. How to take my readers on adventures, to say the unsayable, to convey ephemeral moments of being alive….

Poetry opens an ever-expanding world made of juicy word choices, hammering fresh metaphor and images, learning about line length, attending to tiny details of grammar, noting time (while not becoming heavy-handed), plus a wide span of poetic forms.

Monday Poets, I hope we keep celebrating beyond our first eight weeks. What a joy discovering I have landed in a peer group of high spirits, high standards and a few former professors of literature! Today, we shared a great deal of laughter. Laughing loud and long, we Monday poets critiqued six poems today, not bad for a group of amateurs.

Wikipedia definition of amateur

An amateur (French amateur "lover of", from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, "lover") is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science in a non-professional or unpaid manner. Amateurs often have little or no formal training in their pursuits, and many are autodidacts (self-taught).
I like poetry  that makes me laugh.
A good dog and a good book, what more do you want?

Have fun dear writer pals, while I revise my blog drafts not yet polished enough to see the light of day.

Top of the week to you, Deborah

A Vase of Wildflowers

Inspired by a similar type of post found on Electric Literature‘s website, The Monday Post is a collection of articles for writers and readers as well as a sampling of interesting works and publications from across the internet. They may be old links or new links, but they’ll be ones that I find the most interesting or helpful. If there are any particular topics you’d like to read about, please feel free to suggest them in a comment on this post. In addition, each new month will feature a new and interesting quote from an established expert in the literary field.

Writers and readers may find additional links and featured writers in The Monday Post archive. Please follow my blog for writing prompts, commentary, reviews, and more!

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