House Rabbits Rock

Ten things to know on pet rabbits

“For April, BlogPaws celebrates Small Pet Appreciation Month. So all you bunny, chicks, hamster, rabbit, gerbil, ferret, fish, gecko, bird, and other small pet parents: This one’s for you!”

As a family we adopted our first rabbit, after both of our beloved dogs died within six months of each other. No way could we replace 16 years of loving attachment, fun, care-taking and adventure with Dawn and Nabisco.

Meet my best friends

Nabisco, Alex & Dawn siblings three

As a mom, I knew our child needed an animal to love. I needed an animal to love too. Something about waking up to give care, feeding, giving fresh water and love to an animal remains essential to my peace and happiness.

Oh, what's happening?
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny Day volunteer
We learned a great deal about house rabbits.
  1. House rabbits often live 10 years or more.
  2. Rabbit healthy diet requires feeding  90% Timothy hay or Orchard grass.
  3. Feed daily,  limited herbs and bites of vegetables.
  4. Rabbits take to litter box training fast.
  5. Rabbits can die of fright.
  6. Rabbits bones tend to be easily broken.
  7. Rabbits love to play and to interact with people.
  8. Rabbits to protect against cancer spayed or neutered.
  9. Not related to rats, rabbits are Lagomorphs.
  10. Rabbits teeth grow, therefore must cut hay and wood daily.
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11 thoughts on “House Rabbits Rock

    1. Thanks for reading & leaving a comment. Please return for why pet rabbits should not be raised on huge meat farms like chickens and pigs.

      Plus how to keep dogs & pet rabbits healthy (avoiding $$$ Vet bills).

      BTW I need all the “Frugal Fur Mom” advice I can get. Love your blog.


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