5 Facts: Rabbits vs Whole Foods Market

Rabbits vs. Whole Foods Market

“Whole Foods Market buys their bunny meat from a bunny killing conglomerate in the Midwest called Iowa Rabbit. These are actual images from one of the farms that supplies baby bunnies to Iowa Rabbit. Does this look HUMANE to you? The bunnies are fed water through a dirty drip system. They have NO hay and are on dirty wire cages. These bunnies want to live. PLEASE ask Whole Foods to stop selling bunny meat. Go into the store, speak with the manager, do all you can to be a voice for these bunnies. THEY NEED YOU.” Facebook Rabbit Advocacy Network  

  1. Rabbits live like egg laying chickens with no room to move.
  2. Rabbits eat, sleep and suffer in  filthy cages.
  3. Rabbits drink dirty water, fed through tubes.
  4. Rabbits are raised inside ag-gag states at factory farms.
  5. Rabbits, eight-weeks-old, get sent to slaughter houses & killed.
Please help rabbits
Yoshi at more than 8 weeks old

“Customers choose Whole Foods because of the ethical, health-conscious, charitable image it has portrayed itself to be. So how can it be that they are butchering our beloved bunnies? Last summer, Whole Foods laid out plans for a pilot campaign that would introduce bunny meat into several stores, and since then it has expanded into the following regions: Northern California, North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, South, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and the Washington, DC metro area. Whole Foods is being supplied by DeBruin Brothers, who purchase rabbits from breeders in Iowa and Missouri….” The Bunny Alliance “Whole Foods Cruelty”

Warning this may hurt. How meat pigs suffer in Ag-gag farm states

Mother Jones “Yet again undercover video documents savage abuse at factory pig farm

The Humane Society of the United State Einon,”… on the contrary—we are a big tent organization that welcomes vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Our recommendation is to follow the three R’s when it comes to eating with a conscience. We promote reducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods; refining the diet by eating products only from animals who have been raised, transported, and slaughtered in a system of humane, sustainable agriculture that does not abuse the animals. We support and celebrate traditional farmers and ranchers who have humane standards– for the sake of animals, the land, and local communities. We would love for you to read about our rural development and outreach program, and also our state agriculture councils…” 

Read this interesting note on how to raise meat animals without cruelty and with humane methods. My area in Northern California has many family and bio sustainable methods where animals receive respect, kindness, clean water, clean living quarters and a diet free of cast off animals. http://www.humanesociety.org/…/rural-development….

Please take action for the forgotten suffering of meat animals by stopping Whole Foods selling another category of meat animals. The bunnies get shipped to a slaughter house at only eight weeks old.

Please take action and sign this petition. Share this post with friends and animal lovers. Thanks so much!

CARE2 Petition: Whole Foods stop selling rabbit meat 

On small farms when people raise meat rabbits, they know how to prevent breaking the rabbits’ bones, messing up their digestive systems with the wrong foods and keeping their teeth from growing too long.

Find and read about an international movement to stop farm animal cruelty. Compassion in World Farming (on Facebook)

To close on a happy note, some bunnies like our Tuxedo get families patient enough to earn their trust. When a bunny loves you, he or she loves you all the way. You may notice that in this photograph from my mobile phone, Tuxedo stands on a chair, stretched out under our table cover to nibble yummy fresh oregano from our garden. Life with a house rabbit never gets old. He keeps us happy. Tuxedo keeps our kid like sense of surprise alive and hoping.

CU Tux nibbles

For my top blog readers, C-Dog & Company and Learning from Dogs, we send you greetings from Tuxedo land.

Tux + tent



7 thoughts on “5 Facts: Rabbits vs Whole Foods Market

    1. Thanks Debra for sharing this animal welfare issue on my blog. I appreciate you and hope we can get the word out to stop factory farming rabbits for meat then move on to change the ag-gag laws in state that allow animal cruelty inside meat factories.


  1. Reblogged this on C-Dog & Company and commented:
    Even though I have to drive to larger cities to shop at Whole Foods Market, it’s always seemed worth it. However, having read Deborah’s recent post about Whole Foods selling rabbit meaat from a rather inhumane conglomerate — well, I’m reconsidering my enchantment with the market chain. However, rabbits aren’t the only animals who are inhumanely cultivated for human consumption. Please read Deborah’s post to learn more about what really goes on behind closed doors to bring meat to the table.


  2. Another great post, Deborah! So informative. Would you mind if I reblog this post sometime next week (I’ll be heading back home so I won’t get to my computer until I get home).

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    1. I’d love for you to reblog it. Whenever you can get to it, I’m so happy you want to share this and help protect pet rabbits.

      I sense a quiet time coming on, hoping I can revise my fiction work over the next few days. Hope you are having a lovely time.


      1. I’d love to share your blog, Deborah! And I will. I hope you get some quiet time to revise and write — I’ve certainly enjoyed doing that this week as well. 🙂 Have a happy Easter!


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