This Dog’s Aggression Was Thought To Be Incurable, Until They Did This

Neglected pets and children tend to suffer a paralyzing fear of others. Watch and learn the absolute life changing work done by the ASPCA with a dog rescued from a hoarder. I promise a happy ending plus demonstrated methods to calm fear aggressive dogs.

Why rescue dogs?

Why I write Dog Leader Mysteries
Favorite T-Shirt from The Animal Rescue Site

Dogs raised in insolation

Second chances do not happen often for dogs that cannot tolerate human contact. But overtime with the right dog rescue, this terrified dog, learns that people do him no harm, learns to like being touched and becomes a very contented pet in his adoptive home.

A happy ending for a fearful dog

The Border Collie Inquisitor

When people say aggressive dogs should be put to sleep, just show them this. Social behavior in canines is very similar to humans. A dog that’s raised in a caring environment with a family that loves him will show good behavior and will be approachable and friendly. Those dogs that have abusive owners who keep them locked up in cages or very small spaces will usually be aggressive and dangerous. Unfortunately those are the dogs that are usually euthanized when they get in trouble.

Now this case is very special, watch how the people at the The Behavioral Rehabilitation Center of the ASPCA helped a very troubled and anti-social dog transform into one of the most friendly dogs ever:

Click image to play Click image to play

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