Write 4 animal rights

Free captive animals BtC4A

Yes, YOU, can spring captive animals

Despite laws that make cruelty to animals a crime, cruelty continues in a thousand ways for millions of animals. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can do something about these crimes. You can write for the change without a blog, write on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, write emails, write letters and all this adds up to changing public opinion, changing laws and changing cruel treatment.

Be the change for animals

Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals
Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals

Write 4 the Change for Animals

Be a hero 4 free.

Write for Be the Change for Animals or Be the Change for Pets. Four times a year, you can join Be the Change by writing, signing petitions and raising awareness through emails, letters to newspapers, letters to government officials, blogging and sharing on social media.

Write 4 rescued bunnies: Alabama State law ruled to send back into factory farms

Now this story hurts. Factory farm rabbits, stressed and abused get rescued, only to be returned to other meat farms? Bizarre. The only word a friend of mine liked to stretch-out like it meant a secret nasty thing only he knew of.

Rabbits' health suffers when neglected.
Rabbits’ health suffers when neglected.

“Over 200 neglected and malnourished rabbits and other animals were seized on January 29 in Lauderdale County, Alabama as a result of a cruelty complaint. While this should be good news, and was for the animals of other species that were seized, the rabbits’ situation became tragically worse, as if that were possible! The district attorney decided to send the rabbits to commercial rabbit breeders both inside and outside the state, to spend their lives breeding and in miserable conditions until death.” Be the Change for Animals “Let’s Spring the Animals that Need Release!-#BtC4A”

No kidding! I just called the government official responsible for this meat rabbit mess-up, the D.A. in Florence, Alabama. I left a respectful message, requesting that he change his directive and send those 200 rescued abused and neglicted rabbits to a humane society or bunny refuge that will help them regain their health and get adoptive homes. Call or write Chris Connolly. He works as county district attorney in Lauderdale.

Lauderdale County District Attorney
200 South Court Street
PO Box 914
Florence, AL 35631-0914

Phone number for Mr. Connolly:  256-764-6351. My thanks go with you.

Sign petition here. Demand Sanctuary for 161 Rabbits Confiscated and Condemned to Die in Alabama

Blog the Change for Animals

April 15, 2015

I'm a happy dog now.
I’m a happy dog now.

Yes, you can. Write a blog post for animals. Write to save shelter pets lives or to stop puppy mills from selling pups at pet stores. Whatever your topic be sure to go to copy your blog post link and visit Blog the Change for Animals then add your link tomorrow. Don’t stop there, share on social media adding the hashtag #BtC4A or #BtC4animals.

Blog the Change for Animals

I do hope you will pick a topic that needs attention or share animal welfare topics on social media. Do remember you can share the old fashion and preferred way, by word of mouth. For connecting on Facebook with #BtC4A click the following link: Be the Change for Animals Facebook

Let me out, I need to move.
Never neglect animals.

2 thoughts on “Write 4 animal rights

    1. Thanks Paul. We could get our head’s together and plan something with Debra blogging at C-dog & Company. Each taking a deeper look at the same topic or sharing a list of action steps for the same animal welfare issue?


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