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Dear WordPress bloggers and friends,

Please take the security of your Website and blogs seriously. Two-factor or 2-step authentication, not only protects your writing and publishing work from hackers, it gives control of your Internet identity. In a time when trust has become a huge part of being able to teach, coach, mentor, earn money and present your authority to those who seek you out, this small, yet essential, step works in your favor to keep your reputation clean and clear. I believe using 2-step or two-factor logins support my future goals as an author on the Internet in 2015. I use this 2-step login method both on WordPress.com and on my gmail accounts.

Hey, want that peaceful feeling?
Feel secure & chill out with 2-Step logins
Keep your identity & publications safe

Consider what another minute of time costs compared to years (in my case 4) of planning, writing, editing, tweaking headlines and publishing work. My personal experience with 2-step authentication began about three years ago. It has not all been a walk in the park. I tested and used the Google Authenticator with mixed results. The app ran slowly on my phone. It because utterly useless when traveling to Canada from the U.S.A. internationally. So last week my backup codes did not work.  What’s one week compared to being locked out of your site for a year or more? It happens. Happened to a professional editor I know.

Although I had saved my backup codes for lodging in, both times I needed them-they failed. For the future and other international travels, I will be installing Authy. This app allows users that do not have mobile phone access to login in 2-steps on their computers.

Please read the original post and share. 

Deborah Taylor-French

PS I backup my blog to MarsEdit on my Macbook Air. Beside you backup your blog or site. If you want to know more about Marsedit, just me ask in a comment.

The WordPress.com Blog

Because we want to make WordPress.com accounts as secure as we can, we’ve made it easier for you to set up two-factor authentication for your account, so you can take advantage of the top-of-the-line security standard.

WordPress.com has supported two-factor authentication (2FA) since 2013. Also known as two-step verification, two-factor authentication allows you to protect your WordPress.com account with both a password and a time-sensitive code you get from your mobile device.

To enable two-step authentication, tap your profile picture to jump into the “Me” section and hit the Security tab. Click on “Two-Step Authentication,” and initiate the setup wizard. You can opt to use an independent mobile app, like Google Authenticator or Authy, that will generate access codes for you, or you can get codes texted to your phone via SMS.

Once two-factor authentication is set up, when logging into your WordPress.com account, you’ll use both…

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