Poet and Beast

Now that I am writing poetry Ridgerli. And in a weekly critique group with poets. I am giving myself time to write and rewrite poetry from 40 years plus.

I like that he says “…drop yourself down the well.” because it’s from the well, I can write from NOT my head and not always from my gut, I write from the well of myself. And I don’t have the exact address for getting to the well Nor a map to find it.

If you write poetry and maybe you have a map to find your personal secret well, do tell me about yours.

Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French


It’s not about dropping words like stones down wells,
Listening to the clanks and clunks ricochet off the walls
As you hover near the edge, pleased with your senseless noise-making.

It’s about dropping yourself down the well.
It’s about human skin against stone –
That warm slap that wakens the blood
And can be heard for miles.

It’s about getting inside, you know?
Crawling into the English language
Like a wounded animal and
Curling up beside its pounding heart.

That’s the music.
The steady thump, thump of it going on
In its endless monologue.
You sync your words with the swelling of its lungs
And hope they sound like keys of an accordion
Breathing in dust and bellowing out clouds.

The beast at the bottom of the well
Has never bared its teeth at me.
At night I bury myself in its fur and
We move as one – a…

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6 thoughts on “Poet and Beast

  1. Intriguing question raised by you. I have in the past written poetry but it seems to be my way of voicing angst and unhappiness. Ergo, I am delighted to admit that I haven’t written a poem for a long time! 🙂

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    1. Paul, my former youthful soul lived much beset by unhappiness and sorrow, hence my poetry came prompted by similar moments. Glad u haven’t been living in that same young adult sad country.
      Thanks for commenting. Off now to answer other comments. 😀 Deborah


  2. Greetings: ooh, very nice! Thought provoking for sure. And I am woefully behind sharing your Moon Valley Poem!!! Will get to it. Spring got so busy. Annibella

    You may find more information on me or Equisance. Inc at Moon Valley Ranch:http://www.equisance.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equisance-Inc-at-Moon-Valley-Ranch/662971440443305?ref=bookmarks LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/?trk=

    Date: Sat, 16 May 2015

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    1. No worries, Annibella. I believe I will be writing this week on American Mustangs and to rally US citizens to protest to their congress persons the new specter of wild horse slaughter for meat. Oh, yes, again the monstrous business has returned.

      So to balance the bad and the ugly I can turn to you and your lovely Equisance Moon Valley Ranch in Santa Cruz, California. If you have any photographs of your chickens and cats, please email me a few to use along with a photographer credit, okay?


  3. I consider myself to be a “creative” individual in a very broad sense of the word, and I do not have any road map which gets me to a private secret well. In fact, I would question whether I even have a private secret well. My creativity, in whatever form or medium it presents in, does not come from a hidden stock of ideas, but more from finding a place within which has ideas to compliment a particular direction that I am traveling at that time. I have written as a result of personal feelings; of imagined scenarios, and as a simple blanket to encompass a particularly appealing phrase. The only tangible creative direction that I have experienced is a compelling desire to start writing as a result of a visual stimuli. Didn’t somebody say “The eyes are the windows to the soul” ? I guess that would be my response, which suggests that I have just argued myself full circle. My creative reservoir (my secret well) is in my soul. 🙂

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    1. What a delightful comment, and a circular one to boot! When I referred to “the well” or “a well” I pictured a deep source connection with LIFE or soul. Certainly, sitting and caring for a garden connects me to soul or LIFE.

      As does riding a calm horse on a trail or “forest bathing” as the Japanese use in an unique word.

      Which dear, Ray & Colin, is the topic of my next blog post, “Shinrin-yoku.”


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