6 tips for 4th of July happy dogs

Happy dogs’ 4th of July

Two happy faces, keeshond dog & girl.
Got milk?

 1. Early on July 4th walk your dog or play hard. “A tired dog is a good dog.”

2. Keep your pet inside and away from fireworks,

3. Leave dog license and ID tags on dog with a harness.

4. Play soothing music all day and all night.

5. Stay inside with your dog. If you can’t get a pet sitter.

6 Thundershirts work wonders to calm some dogs.

Sydney getting sleepy in a Thundershirt

    Sydney getting sleepy in a Thundershirt


Wordless Wednesday
Blog Paws Blog Hop
Have you tried a Thundershirt?
Smiling Dutchman
Nabisco, my favorite dog of all time gets a squeeze from his big sister

Keep pets safe from summer heat, share + care this ASPCA chart!

Summer can be deadly 4 dogs.
ASPCA save dogs from heat

This is a blog hop. Do hop around and see the other pets hosted on Carol Bryant’s Fidose of Reality

summer safety

In conjunction with the ASPCA, Fidose of Reality wants to help keep pets safe this summer, so we are giving away a fabulous Summer Pet Safety Kit, including:


13 thoughts on “6 tips for 4th of July happy dogs

    1. Hi Carol, I tried to join the blog hop but later it looked as if that effort was successful. Due to the blocking of Javascript my blog will not display the other Wordless Wednesday blogs. That’s very frustrating, yet I’m not at the point of doing all my own security for a WordPress.org Website, which I’ve been paying for at least 2 years in my name.

      I loved what you shared for Blog Paws and dog lovers for July 4th, and felt it best to share the ASPCA infographic and FYI.


    1. Thanks for lookining in. Glad your dogs know that loud noises don’t mean somethings wrong. Our daughter in this photograph had a garbage truck phobia, I called the county office and they gave use a ride in a garbage truck. After that she didn’t have to run out and see the truck go by.


  1. Good advice! Having some good treats or frozen Kongs and access to a “safe” spot helps some dogs feel less stressed. Max will be getting a spoonful of sardines for every boom!


  2. Excellent advice, Deborah! I’m just about to post a similar message — good that we’re all getting the word out there. July 4th is fun, but not always for our pets.


    1. Hi Debbie, I believe you are right. More dogs go missing on the 4th of July than anyother day of the year in the USA. So we all need to share what to do and what not to do.

      Would you write about not expecting a screen door to keep dogs inside? Many a dog has torn off the screen in sheer terror.


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