No throwback puppy!

A blast from the past
Syd the kid

Sydney, A.K.A. Sid Vicious, the smartest dog I ever trained.

From a puppy sold by a backyard breeder, our pup had two families before he got surrendered at the Petaluma Animal Shelter. Never house trained, Sydney knew “sit” and little else. He had bitten groomers, veterinarians and the shelter staff. Because he waited three weeks at the animal shelter for an experienced dog family. Having raised five adopted dogs, each homeless at the age of one year like Sydney, I qualified.

4 tips for a successful pet adoption
  1. Know what type of dog is best for you and your family (yes, size matters).
  2. Take the time to search local shelters and dog rescues.
  3. Visit the dog several times before adopting.
  4. Sign up for a training class or private lesson the first week!
Qualified for a whole world of trouble.
I've met my match in mom.
Baby Sydney at 1 year
After eleven years, what a successful pet adoption!

Please read my page “Adopt Don’t Shop, Save a Life of a Dog or a Child.”

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