Giving Time

 December is the giving month

Happy campers
Heads together, our Keeshond, Dancing Bear Dawn, and our girl

Our Dawn gave us so much as a family

Our dogs gave us so much. Our beloved (long gone) keeshond, Dawn, taught our family patience and tolerance. Dawn loved our whole family. When our daughter came to us, in foster care, Dawn made the baby her business. Keeshonds are known as wonderful family dogs. Dawn showed love to all. What an example Dawn showed by daily interest in all that went on with our child. I never witnessed any jealousy from our dog.

So today I give acknowledgement to Dawn’s patience and gentle sibling willingness. Not all pets do well with babies or children. From our child’s first observation of Dawn, she seemed to adore our dog. As a toddler, our child would walk or crawl over and curl up inside Dawn’s furry love-seat shaped body. I felt so happy to see Dawn calmly accept our child’s need for closeness. This photograph shows their bond, plus how comfortable and cosy they enjoyed being. To read more about Dawn on Dog Leader Mysteries visit my page Adopt a Keeshond: Save a Good Dog’s Life.

Give generously to local pet charities, volunteer, promote them on your blog.

“Tis the giving season…”

Giving Month: Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Wordless Wednesday

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