Pet words: Wordless Wednesday

If dogs could speak, what would be your pet’s favorite words?


Sydney would surely say, “Go to the beach.”

I read in The Bark magazine once, that if dogs would talk they would stand at the end of our beds and say, “More chicken.”

Stop wishing & start walking
Make it happen

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan

What would your dog what you to make happen for him? If you don’t know, go ask him?

Wordless Wednesday
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7 thoughts on “Pet words: Wordless Wednesday

    1. Thanks 4 contributing with your story of Bundy and Maxi. Already I want to read more stories about them.

      We have Tokyo Tuxedo, our house rabbit, who loves being in the car. He hops in his crate, we buckle it in the backseat & take him to Bunny Day at the animal shelter we adopted him from. Bunny volunteers know him by name, trim his nails, pet and see that he’s a healthy rabbit.

      Once I got the date wrong. Sadly I drove him back home. Surprise, that mere drive changed Tuxedo’s mood from his grumpy week to happy hopping.

      Thanks for your comment. I am thinking of publishing a weekly “Comment Love” list. Do send me a photo or two I can publish with it.


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