Synopsis: Summing up your story makes a difference by Andrea Lundgren

Readers like to know what they’re getting into before they start a book. They want to know if it’s a series, what genre, and what they can expect, overall, before they start reading (unless they trust you and your stories already, in which case they might just want to read without any foreknowledge). This is […]

via Synopsis: How Summing Up Your Story Makes All The Difference #amwriting #atozchallenge — Andrea Lundgren

Add a book synopsis

Dear Readers,

Longtime, no blog? Yes, I have been pouring on self made pressure to complete my novel, Dog Leader Mysteries (Book One).

I have missed you readers and blog writers on Yes, I have missed your interesting comments, blog posts and smiling writer faces. Of course, I have missed your dogs too, well your dog photographs, I meant to say. So I’m sharing an excellent post by Andrea Lundgren on how to write a synopsis for Indie Published authors and for all self published authors. I wonder why this topic rarely comes up in Redwood Writers Club meetings or speaker topics. Many of the three hundred members of our northern California branch of the California Writers Club have self published or are planning too.

I have not made up my mind what I shall do in that regard. Self publishing has its pitfalls, but at least you have some control on book design, book cover and publication date.

So if you have self published a book, have you written a synopsis and printed it in the back of your book?

All comments get answered by me, Deborah Taylor-French.

Best of spring days to you,

Deborah Taylor-French

PS. I took this photograph years ago. It remains my favorite all time of our adopted keeshond dog, Dancing Bear Dawn and our super dog loving girl. The cute (seven-year-old) girl had just downed a yogurt, so that is what you see on the corner of her mouth.


6 thoughts on “Synopsis: Summing up your story makes a difference by Andrea Lundgren

  1. It’s so good to hear from you again. Blake & I had Frank Kahl and friend, Chenue Gill for dinner last night and this morning your name popped into my wake up dreams. I’m beta reading for Frank’s new book “Quixote” a mixture of dog logic, spirituality, quantum physics and plain fun. I don’t want to spill too much yet. We also talked about what’s missing at Redwood Writers and why we no longer frequent the meetings. I’m wondering if some grassroots effort could begin. Kristen Caven (CWC Berkeley) had an idea of opening her home as a writers retreat. For a small price and lunch (could be potluck) a limited number of folks could come to simply write, have lunch, talk and help each other with these type of questions. Easy Peasy. Relaxed. Friendly. Whadayathink? Your place is so locally situated and that garden, WOW. (BTW I’m also beginning a novel, so there are ulterior motives in this post.)

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  2. Perfect timing with this post of yours. For while I did do a synopsis for my first book, I’m getting close to setting out a chapter plan for my sequel. Writing what I think the synopsis should inform potential readers strikes me as a great way to be clear on the focus of the book! Thanks DTF, and trust all is well at your end.


    1. Great to hear from you, Paul. Glad to hear you are working away on your second book. I’m still completing my first novel. Would you tell me how you found your editor or settled on a press for your book? I need to make a choice with that so I can leap into the next step. Thanks again for your blog and for being a real “dog lover pal”. 😀


      1. Probably easier if I call you at a convenient time. Want to email me a contact telephone number? (Being lazy and haven’t checked if there’s one on your bio page.)


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