For the boy + pug puppy

Hello to Jerome & your lovely pug 

Dedicated to the boy I met in the Safeway market in Anderson, California.

Jerome, when I saw you holding your puppy I liked you immediately. Your loving confident manner showed your puppy how to be at ease in a public place with people coming and going. Melania, your puppy curved round your chest, resting on your arm. She gazed at the movement before her. Shoppers paid then passed the checkout. They moved toward their exit. They did not know that your shining eyed puppy studied their every move. Both of you were open-eyed. Yet neither showed a trace of anxiety or restlessness. No, you looked happy to wait for your family.

Hello to Jerome & Melina
a top dog leader

When I asked you about your dog, you replied that you had had other pug dogs before. You seemed to know exactly what Melina needed. Perhaps you did not know what a lovely life you shared, bonding with your puppy. Maybe you did. Puppyhood is short. Some small dogs live up to seventeen or more years. Compared to humans, canines have a short youth and a long adult life (from two years old).

Learning from our dogs

Dogs must learn quickly, so be consistent and patient.

Dogs look to us to cue them for social interactions.

Dogs have strong instincts. Fear, hunger and play drive canine behavior. So I say, “Don’t blame your dog.”

Dogs need us to understand how much they want to please us.

Dogs need us to be successful in our human world.

Pug puppy & boy
Pug puppy & boy

  Puppies & adult dogs benefit from this type of leadership

  • Be calm.
  • Use a sweet & happy voice.
  • Get and keep your dog’s attention.
  • Help your dog regulate his mood through meeting his needs for activity, food, play and sleeping.
  • Set a schedule your puppy or new dog can rely on.
  • Do exercise early in the day and late.
  • Avoid over trying your dog with training.
  • Take time to do nothing, cuddle, pet and hangout with your dog.

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