Kristen Lamb on writing her first novel

Kristen Lamb on writing her first novel

The long game is fiction

As my readers know, I am also writing fiction. I have followed Kristin Lambs’ blog for several years. Looking back at 2002 when she began the marathon of mastering novel writing she shared her early enthusiasm and disbelief. Surely it would not take her years to write her first.

No beginner wants to hear the average span of time to produce a first novel, of worth, is five to ten years. Keep in mind that twenty years is not unusual either.

Well, what takes so long?🤷🏼‍♀️

Read my short list for a start.🙃

1. To write fiction you must read fiction

2. Numerous skills must be acquired, such as  understanding speech patterns to translate into believable & fresh character dialogue

3. A mastery of fictional world building  beyond mere description.

4. Familiarity with storytelling styles in sub-genres

5. Building versimilaiude to entrap readers in summary, scenes & recaps

6. Gaining skill in depicting past, present & future references to add clarity & tension

7. Drilling into the “metaphoric” world of character, which instills emotional unity with the novel

8.  Skills with similes used to forge equivalence between characters, experiences, settings, and emotional narratives

I am sure there are more and will save them for my Write Monday post. Oh, and we have a fab guest blogger coming up next week. Stay tuned🤓🤗

Meanwhile please visit Kristin Lambs Blog, and leave her a note that you found her here. 😎



Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anamorphic Mike.Since the boom of the digital age, would-be writers have been practically coming out of the woodwork. Everyone wants to be a writer and hey, I can’t blame them. Sweet gig if you can score it. Yet, many of these eager folks are ill-prepared for the reality of…

via The Writing Process…It Ain’t No Unicorn Hug — Kristen Lamb

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