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Want to sell more books?

Write Monday for author know-how

What I wish I had known when I started writing a novel. What I wish I knew before I launched my blog. What did you wish you knew, if you could, before you began blogging or writing for publication?

First thing this morning I wrote two blog posts. Then I cut the second blog post out of a Microsoft Word document and pasted into an MW file, which I named and saved. This afternoon, the new file for today’s post had been lost!

Don’t you hate that? 


Thank goodness for Time Machine back up. I actually found the entire lost file and restored it. If you use a Mac computer,  you need this. I will add a little on Time Machine at the bottom of today’s post.

Writing sites worth knowing in 2018

This morning, about 6AM, I read three writing newsletters. I subscribe to a variety of blogs and newsletters on writing. Not more than five at a time. In the next weeks, I plan to blog about each one of these five long-lasting value email newsletters for writers.

I have challenged myself to define how each writing site and email updates provide ongoing value. Plus make a case for why other writers would benefit from subscribing.

Do you fight for time to write?

Like all bloggers and writers, I must fight for time to write. Family demands time. Work demands time. Preparing and eating healthy food takes time. Home management and cleaning demands time. Of course, planning for fun activities takes time too. Maybe that’s why those social and fun events are last on my list.

My struggle with writing time continues. As well as keeping up with my three separate volunteer commitments. The artist inside must live in a balance of reading for inspiration and recreation.  Due to advanced technologies of the World Wide Web, ongoing time must be spent on technical know-how (and problems created by computers, word processing software, software bugs, wifi, and connectivity, etc. The list goes on, and on. But let’s not go there.

Sometimes, I unsubscribe too.

What it takes to keep me subscribed to a newsletter?

What makes me drop newsletter subscriptions?   I ask myself this because I look at the time when I also will offer email updates for my Dog Leader Mysteries fans.

What lists do you subscribe to?  What newsletters do you keep reading? Week after week, year after year, what of value to you gain by your reading choices?

My short list of why I read and keep reading

  1. Valuable writing content.
  2. Personable writers who disclose enough in their topic choices, word choices, writer’s voice (humor helps, honesty, asks interesting questions, a writer that illuminates novel ideas or includes inspiring thinkers and thoughtful quotes.
  3. Writers who spark my own writing mind to write fresh content.

Why I stop reading. What makes me unsubscribe?

  1. Repeated selling of a writer’s products
  2. Constant selling of other peoples products.
  3. Too many emails a week, which disrupts my workflow to crunch emails.

Ideally, I like a newsletter email no more than once a week.

Some weeks my workflow contains flextime. My general rule of accepting only once a week update bends. Especially for special events, new products or learning opportunities.

Are you an author who wants to sell more books?

Tim Grahl happens a thought leader in book marketing and sales. His experience stands as a solid understanding of what authors can do to sell their books. I want every writer who has written and gotten his or her book published to meet Tim Grahl.

Why? Because Grahl creates the best content for writers, who are serious about writing.

His updates and newsletter vary depending on new content and new professional webinars. After taking webinars with Grahl and signing up for his self-directed online courses, Author Guides, and

“Tim Grahl is fast becoming a legend, 
almost single-handedly changing the way authors around the world spread ideas and connect with readers.”

This is what Grahl offers Indie and traditionally published writers, too.


Get Tim Grahl’s FREE 7-day course on how to connect with readers, build your platform, and sell more books.

"What does it take to run a successful book launch? Over the last 
decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of authors and launched dozens of 
books to the top of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, 
and other bestseller lists. Along with the launches, I’ve run, and 
I’ve studied hundreds of others."

He states, “Anyone can run a successful book launch. A successful book launch always starts with a good plan.”


Tim Grahl proposes three mindsets for book launches. There are three different mindsets that an author brings to every launch. If you start from the wrong mindset, I can give you all the tactics in the world, but they’ll fall flat. Every author brings one of these mindsets to a book launch:

So, do you want to sell more books? What are you waiting for? Ride a link over to

clock edited

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Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

About Time Machine for Mac Computers: Time Machine is a backup software application distributed with the Apple macOS computer operating system. The software is designed to work with the Time Capsule storage product, as well as other internal and external disk drives. It was introduced in Mac OS X Leopard.

Calf lives with family & their dogs

An infant cow cannot nurse from his mother. The ranch family begins bottle feeding the calf. Then the family dogs adopt the calf, and he plays with them. After trying a second time, the ranch’s cattle herd rejects young calf. What the parents of the ranch family do next surprises everyone.

Ever heard an animal story like this before?

Me neither.

Calf lives inside with family & their dogs

Due to change of service to my blog, the charming animal video did not post. As a temporary workaround, I have posted it on my Facebook wall so that you may view it there.

Delight when life hands out surprises.
Life is creative.

As I have written, we are working on a new author site to launch Dog Leader Mysteries first series novel. I am happy to say that today I emailed my editorial changes clean copy back to the publishing company. So we feel excited to be moving on to cover design, book blurb polish and production phrases.

Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

Dear Readers,

My apologies to you if you have clicked on our Dog. Leader Mysteries site, only to find our menu missing. After several hours, over a few days, I deleted a temporary menu for our blog. At first, I blanched. I yelped. Then I clicked on the Main. Menu.

Wowie zowie, my eyes rested our missing menu.

Can’t say when or why I couldn’t find the proper dashboard click to find the site menu options before. Yet I felt so overjoyed, I did a bit of a happy dance. Next, I sat and worked slowly through my options for menus. This Franklin Theme offers three or four menus.

Why the confusion?

Too much of a good thing turned out to be confusing.

After my happy dance, I plodded along one click at a time. Restoring my original menu took some doing, some pages had left the building, so to speak. Between reordering pages and posts, we find ourselves back in business.

Thank you for your patience.

Please look in again and see our new posts. Especially, Cindy Grant, our new guest blogger’s post,

ABC’s of Grooming Poodle Dogs


Bon Chew. That dog speaks French?

When I want to laugh I hop over to “Mischief Mo(a)nday” or “Trouble Tuesday, Bon Chew” post on the Easy Blog: All about our truly  best friend. I think that dog may speak French. Plenty of a clever dog has made me laugh. But only this dog makes me laugh every time I see him. He says the most darn things. He understands life as only a dog can, with his likes, dislikes, and doggie understanding. Also, he has an overflowing empathy for his Mom.

Oodles of fun, I love the reaction dog photos, and the lively banter works on me like a cartoon or graphic action comic book. Rarely, do I look at comics. When I do I like the twists and turns of “Calvin and Hobbes “and Charlie Brown and his dog, Snoopy, A.K.A. as “Peanuts.”

Plus the un-fine words of the dog mamma when life goes wrong, as it often does. Even the comments add to the humor. So this morning, I want to share the laughs, the twisted dog words, the doggie opinions, the daily life of a pet blogger I admire.

Hope you enjoy the ride on the Easy Blog.

Please tell them,

Deborah at DLM sent you.

BTW I like this definition of comic books via Wikipedia. “A comic book or comicbook, also called comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels …”

img_2034PS. What do you look at or read when you want to laugh?

We love our readers. We love our readers’ comments too.

P.P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for our guest blogger, Cindy Grant. You will want to read her post and visit her website, too. Grant proves to be a hardworking writer with a rich site for pet lovers.

NaNoWriMo Sustained Story Mind

“William Faulkner’s conviction that the writer’s duty is “to help man endure by lifting his heart” comes to mind — storytelling is still literature’s greatest duty.” Susan Sontag, Sontag on Storytelling, BrainPickings

Thoughts of my writing friends moved me to write this morning. Shout out to my friend, poet, scientist, and animal lover, Briahn. Another shout to Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. We need inspiring and thought-provoking quotes. I hope you find in this post a kernel of encouragement.

I am a storyteller writing novel-length fiction.

Like most of you, I continue reading a variety of nonfiction in the form of news, writing craft advice, history, and biography. This day I find myself charmed by a post on BrainPickings.  BrainPickings brings together both sides of my mind. Currently, it is the only email subscription I read daily. You might want to pop over and steal a few minutes to read the full post.

“Be serious.” By which I meant: Never be cynical. And which doesn’t preclude being funny.” Susan Sontag

“Serious fiction writers think about moral problems practically. They tell stories. They narrate. They evoke our common humanity in narratives with which we can identify, even though the lives may be remote from our own. They stimulate our imagination. The stories they tell enlarge and complicate — and, therefore, improve — our sympathies. They educate our capacity for moral judgment.”

Hi-fve or low fi, I love music.
You’ve got dog music?

By the way, I have thrown caution to the winds and jumped into my third National Novel Writing Month. Although I “won” the two years I entered, this year seems a wilder breast to get a handle on. On one hand, it does not matter if I write a 50,000-word manuscript again in thirty days but on the other, I want my Dog Leader Mysteries book two in good shape to go in 2018. Book one in the series sits on the editor’s desk, and hopefully, I will have a final draft off to copyeditors early next year.

Remember, it is not how many words you write.

Think of it as how many story arc’s you keep. Only keep the parts of story action, theme, and words in your story that matter. The revision comes much later. Keep writing forward in your first draft,  add all the details the story needs.

Later, like months later, you will revise by creating a new document draft to fit your dreamed-first draft story vision. Keep going. You didn’t learn to walk in one day. No one writes a novel in one day either. One page, one step, and fall. One page, one step, and fall not as far. Two steps, find your balance in your story world. Look around inside, write what you see. Fall.

Write what you envision and keep going. Feel your story. Write each day in a state of expectation that your dream story can be caught on paper.

If you stop writing, don’t beat yourself up.

Start again.

Be glad for starting. Be grateful for the story mind in you that wants to know the deeper story you write or want to write.

Get closer to your vision (outline or synopsis) in your story mind

Do not let go.

  • Keep asking, where does my character want to go?
  • Am I lifting my reader’s heart?
  • What happens next in this story?
  • What do my main characters want and need?
  • Where do I see this story ending?
  • Try out a few endings (early to see where it is headed).

Do you read novels? What fiction do you enjoy? Do you write stories? Are you taking on National Novel Writing Month this year?

Thanks for reading and sharing,  Deborah Taylor-French

Don’t miss this Wednesday’s post by Cindy Grant.

You will want to see and read it. High-quality informative writing from a writer who loves pets. Plus fab professional dog photographs,