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Hell-o, I hope you all had a good howl-i-day weekend and you celebrated the Birthday of the USA with wonderful events… My weekend was a weird one… …it started that SHE! I will ignore now, said, that someone stinks to high heaven in my crib… … and instead to swing herself in that bathtub, she […]

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Do not read.

Dear Dog Leader Mystery Reader,

For many years now I keep telling myself I need to learn to write funny. I don’t mean full of typos funny. Nor do I mean to make fun of the gains I have made in fiction, nonfiction and blogging. I just want some of my readers to howl, once an a while. A good belly laugh or a laugh until you cry is good for us.

Now I’ve never in all my days known a dog who could tell a joke. Not even take a joke, not one of my dogs liked being laughed at. But after years of feeding my dogs dinner (mostly on time) and watch Dawn and Nabisco go bonkers when I lifted their dishes. 

Literally, no not “literary” but a full Max’s Brothers film worthy show of high jinks. Their joyful JUMPS always got out of hand. Everyday. One dog or the other jumped, twirled, careened, until…both dogs were crashing head-on into the oven or our narrow kitchen walls.

I’m such a softy that I hated to see them hurt themselves. A single step into the kitchen had them doing the doggie equivalent of cartwheels.

Hahaha. “Oh, no. Stop.” I’d cry out.

“Dawn, sit. Nabisco, sit.” But by then our dogs had started their happy dance with not a thought in their doggie heads. Visions of kibble? Really? Going nuts for the same dinner, again? Noooooooooooooooo. Erase. Please rewind that mental video tape.

Yes. It’s true. All too true. So if I had been wise or wiser (no wisecracks, please) I would have tied each dog down then command “down-stay.” Needless to say, they didn’t even have doggie beds. Keeshonds get overheated and both liked to flop where ever we sat. They also love lying belly up, legs akimbo to vent off their excess body heat.

Of course, I should also began feeding them in different rooms (something I learned late in life, put one dog in one room and feed him). Actually I never tried to learn anything from my dogs, but they did a good job with me anyway.

Do female dogs run the show in your house?


First our dog, Dawn, would run Nabisco off his food. She’d eat both the dinners I served them. Poor boy, Nabisco had grown up in a household of twenty-five dog cousins. Nabisco happened to be a runt. Plus in the Keeshond breed the females are dominant. Really bossy babes. No kidding, somedays, she was a b*!@h. But not the day photographed below. She loved our kid. Loved kids. Other dogs too. Nabisco became her dog. She just wasn’t into sharing.

Happy campers
Keeshond Smiling Dancing Bear Dawn + our girl

Your turn to weigh in.

Please visit Easy Blog. But only if you want to laugh. Visit the bathroom before you read the Easy Blog. Accidents do happen with dogs and people. How do you spell peeeeeople? Ask Easy if you need help. He loves comments. His readers like to write funny too. Be sure and read the comments. Best of all, tell Easy we sent you. He gave me his permission to reblog his TORTURE TUESDAY-EasyBlog.

Smiling Dutchmen Dogs
Nabisco, Alex and Dawn, our adopted Keeshond dogs
This is my last few months blogging here at Dog Leader Mysteries. Why? Because we are moving to our new site, author site for Deborah Taylor-French. If you have any suggestions for giveaways I would love them. I want to give away some tips on keeping your dog healthy, which looks like a favorite topic with our readers and one on how to “Save your dog’s life” by paying attention to safety details few dog lovers know. So please chime in soon, so we can take your ideas in and come out with some great short books. Yes, free books. One’s you don’t have to review or buy.

All our best to you,

Deborah Taylor-French


5 nonfat healthy dog treats

Has your Vet said your dog is overweight?

Is your dog beginning a middle age spread?

Is your dog a chow hound like our Sydney?

When will she give them to me?
Our Sydney in “Down, stay” behavior waiting for treats.

Tips to slim your hound

 Begin with caution: add each food a few pieces once a week then if your dog’s eating and elimination are normal, try others on the list. These foods are health raw training treats .

Sugar snap peas to break or cut into pieces

Apple slices, thin but not too small. Make you dog chew

Carrot pieces cut long for chewing

Broccoli-skin & stalk cut like above

Cucumber be sure to use the skin, if organic



Please suggest other vegetables and fruits that you give your dog. We love our readers and we love sharing new ideas with readers.


Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

For the boy + pug puppy

Hello to Jerome & your lovely pug 

Dedicated to the boy I met in the Safeway market in Anderson, California.

Jerome, when I saw you holding your puppy I liked you immediately. Your loving confident manner showed your puppy how to be at ease in a public place with people coming and going. Melania, your puppy curved round your chest, resting on your arm. She gazed at the movement before her. Shoppers paid then passed the checkout. They moved toward their exit. They did not know that your shining eyed puppy studied their every move. Both of you were open-eyed. Yet neither showed a trace of anxiety or restlessness. No, you looked happy to wait for your family.

Hello to Jerome & Melina
a top dog leader

When I asked you about your dog, you replied that you had had other pug dogs before. You seemed to know exactly what Melina needed. Perhaps you did not know what a lovely life you shared, bonding with your puppy. Maybe you did. Puppyhood is short. Some small dogs live up to seventeen or more years. Compared to humans, canines have a short youth and a long adult life (from two years old).

Learning from our dogs

Dogs must learn quickly, so be consistent and patient.

Dogs look to us to cue them for social interactions.

Dogs have strong instincts. Fear, hunger and play drive canine behavior. So I say, “Don’t blame your dog.”

Dogs need us to understand how much they want to please us.

Dogs need us to be successful in our human world.

Pug puppy & boy
Pug puppy & boy

  Puppies & adult dogs benefit from this type of leadership

  • Be calm.
  • Use a sweet & happy voice.
  • Get and keep your dog’s attention.
  • Help your dog regulate his mood through meeting his needs for activity, food, play and sleeping.
  • Set a schedule your puppy or new dog can rely on.
  • Do exercise early in the day and late.
  • Avoid over trying your dog with training.
  • Take time to do nothing, cuddle, pet and hangout with your dog.

Thanks for reading Dog Leader Mysteries. We love our readers.

Do share this post to promote humane and kind treatment of dogs and all animals. Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

6 ways dogs help us heal

6 ways dogs heal us

  1. Dogs show empathy.
  2. Dogs give us affection.
  3. Dogs give us their complete attention.
  4. Dogs give us physical comforting. They snuggle and lie in our laps.
  5. Dogs live in the moment, sharing enthusiasm and joy.
  6. Dogs possess sensory abilities  beyond our sensory capacity.

They hear into the distance beyond our hearing range. Dogs alert us to the approach of other people and animals. With their gift of night vision, dogs often guide us, just go camping with your dog or walk a dog at night.

Examples: Therapy dogs of every kind help the blind, the mobility challenged plus visit the sick and in-firmed. Dogs sniff out cancerous tumors, this field is now being explored by science with the goal of creating a laboratory replica of how dogs detect cancer. Many dog lovers witness their dogs seeking out members coping with illness. The world over has many truth stories of dogs comforting the sick or dying.

Dogs sensing seizeures before they happen so they can maneuver their person to a safe position, such as sitting or lying down.


Give back to dogs

Want to help homeless dogs and cats but can’t adopt?

Click here and visit The Animal Rescue Site. Through this site you can download an app, which gives money to feed needy shelterless pets. This app is called Pet to Give. Just like its title, every pet gives a selected shelterless funds to feed dogs and cats.

Check out the Greater Good. I like it because they respect my time. When I signed up for email updates, I learned that I could put in vacation holds on email updates. This is the only site informational source that I have never subscribed from.

Please share to spread the ways dog heal us. In this terrible time following the mass murder in Orlando, Florida. I hope we all will spread loving kindness and healing.

Don’t have a dog right now?

No problem. Make dog friends.

If you do not have a dog, take some fresh sugar snap peas (cut or break them up for small dogs) sit in a park. As dog walkers if their dog is friendly with new people. Once the dog’s person says it’s okay to greet the dog, LET THE DOG COME TO YOU. A friendly dog will wag his or her tail and slink up to sniff your hand. After you have a relaxed connection, ask the dog’s person if you can give him or her a treat. Show them the snap peas. Hold one in the palm of your hand and let the dog eat off your hand like a dinner plate. There you go. You’ve made a good friend. Now go make another.

For eight years we lived in an apartment and could not have any pets. I missed having a dog so much. Most dog lovers know that pain and will be sympathetic. Dogs always have enough love for everyone.Ready-set….Dachshund-Mix.jpeg

We love our readers!
Thanks for 1,000 Likes

Quiz for fiction writers

Fiction Writers Quiz

Please answer True or False

  1. All editors do copy editing.
  2. Most writers live in their heads.
  3. Only the best writers get publishing deals.
  4. Most novelists make tons of money.
  5. Writing a novel demands years of being alone.
  6. Publishing one novel makes you a novelist.
  7. Fiction sells more copies than nonfiction.
  8. All writers are mad, bonkers, off their heads.
  9. Listening to their fiction characters and dead people is normal for fiction writers.
  10. Track Changes in Microsoft Word is the best way to edit fiction.
  11. The main purpose of revision is to correct grammar and spelling.

Tell me your number of false statements to discuss and myth bust in a comment. Would you reword any of the statements  in this quiz draft? I plan to publish the list and add things overtime and publish it as a poll. Of course I’d love to hear from you.

Wonderful 52th floor view from the Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
Wonderful 52th floor view from the Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Thanks for reading and taking this poll on Internet security. Double thanks for sharing it. Also please let me know if this poll works by taking it because I am planning on using this with several posts before launching my first novel in my Dog Leader Mystery series.

Note I never share your email. I believe in the right to privacy and that it would be in our best interest to protect it. 

Do visit Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club because our website is deep with resources for all writers, fiction or nonfiction.

Thanks for reading!

Deborah Taylor-French

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