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Blog 4 the Change 4 Animals: April 15

Tip for pet and animal bloggers

Please write a post for humane treatment of animals. Why post it tomorrow? Because four times a year, #BtC4animals happens all over the World Wide Web. You, also, can make a difference. Write on any type of blog for animals and use the hashtag above. If you do not want to blog, then write a post on Facebook, etc., sharing a petition, a need for a phone call or a letter to help wild animals, farm animals or pets.

Bloggers write for humane animal welfare

Blog the Change for animals

April 15, 2015 join me.

  • This is far simpler than you imagine.
  • Pick an animal cause.
  • Write about it.
  • Quote your sources and/or add links.
  • Go add your post link on Be the Change for Animals’ Website.
  • Add the code, if you can. (WordPress.com doesn’t let me, darn!)
  • Share the change. #BtC4animals hashtag on Facebook and all social media.

Love, Deborah Taylor-French

Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.
Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.

Be the change. Do it now.

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Epiphany: Photo Friday

“An epiphany is a sudden realization of a significant event. At that special moment, a life meaning becomes clear to you —an insight into your personality, a discovery of something you value or believe in, an acute sense of where you are in life.”

Epiphany as call and response

The specific epiphany when a friend became ill and I called her. The question was to respond breakdown without need or fear. Did I answer?

Yes, I answered a literal call for help and felt divinely supported in providing. In fact, I feel so grateful that a strong friend expressed over the phone her needs. How often do we tell each other the truth? How often do we wish we had taken the time to tell the truth?

What a joy to give and feel bigger

There comes a marvelous intimacy when the most important inner need comes to us as the opportunity to give. Giving feels like a jump for joy moment, I feel bigger and more able to give. When people believe in God or have faith, they give from faith. They give from the knowledge that God gives them all good things. They experience the epiphany that God gives abundantly, and therefore, as receivers of God’s love they also must give abundantly.

Watch dog
Loyal, calm, loving and ever protective of his family Simba keeps watch.

So this blog post comes late, with the photograph of a neighbors beloved Japanese Shibu Inu. Many dogs of this breed await adoption so please adopt, don’t shop.

Give to a dog rescue or sponsor or foster a homeless pet

Visit Noahs Dogs to learn about the breed and find the perfect dog waiting for you.

Dog driving you nuts? 6 things to try

Got dog troubles?

Whether the dog in question happens to be your first rescue dog, first puppy not responding to house training or your fifth dog that loves to hear himself bark, you are not alone. We know. Why? Think of the thousands of dog lovers who have felt overwhelmed at one point or another. We have been there, a few times (or more).

Some dog lovers ask other dog parents for advice. Others consult books, dog trainers, canine behavior experts and veterinarians. The feeling of being driven nuts can bring up the fear of living out of control. Perhaps, you feel a little scared faced with a new dog’s difficult behavior or canine health problem?

You want me to do slide down, right now?
You want me to do slide down, now?

Six tips for your sanity

to retain one’s reason in unreasonable times

  1. Describe the problem.
  2. Write the problem down.
  3. How bad is this problem? Rate the problem on a scale of 1 to 10. Make 10 the most difficult or distressing.
  4. Name parts of the problem and details such as the time the problem began, describe the situation(s) where it happens, ask as many rational questions as you can.
  5. Come to your senses. Take time to observe, listen, note the cycle of behaviors or signs that signal another round of stomach trouble. Make this a lucid interval. Be curious about every observable clue.
  6. Make every effort to not respond in a manner, which might be making things worse.

Stress trumps sanity

Synonyms for sanity; a soundness of mind; sobriety, lucidity.

We need to think clearly before we take actions to help our pets.

Of course, these steps may all seem common sense. With hindsight, we have not always responded with these logical and sane questions. Stress in the form of our own or a family member’s illness clouded our logic. When time to think over our dog’s problem may have been lacking, working a high stress job or running a business was all-absorbing (if not physically and mentally exhausting) we had to reach out to others.

Yes, we have experienced how stress shrinks thinking abilities. One rather embarrassing story, that we have not shared before, goes like this.

Ideas about ideal dog behavior wrecks logic

While both running our own businesses, we moved from southern California to northern California. Due to living in an apartment, we had not had a dog in many years. So I felt an urgent need to find our perfect dog. Perfect is not a word I often use. Maybe “dreamed of dog” fits better? After visiting the Petaluma branch of the Sonoma County Library and we discussed the type of personality we wanted in a dog. Both very fit, we wanted to hike and to run on the beach with our dog. Planning our family to include children, our very top priority meant a dog that demonstrated patience with children with a calm temperament. Plus being educated we hoped our dream dog would come to us both smart and motivated to learn.

Soon, we began contacting dog experts in our area for local keeshond breeders and rescues. We wanted a female dog. Without attachment to getting a puppy, we made an attempt to contact a Marin County keeshond rescue. That effort proved unsuccessful. We visited three breeders who fit an ethical breeding profile, each raised beautiful, loving and calm dogs. Each never let a puppy or dog end up in an animal shelter.

Got milk?
Hi, I’m Dawn, a keeshond dog with my very own girl.

Ethical breeder defined

Please read more about ethical breeders and their lifetime buy back contract at “Photo Friday: California Dreaming.” Then we heard of a one-year-old female that had been returned to breeder.

Dream dog trouble?

Of course we fell head over heels and signed the contract. We thought we had done all our homework. Ha!#@? A few more questions, would have saved us worry, time and money.

Mixed advice gave mixed results. Dawn, our first dog, a one year old spayed female had two problems in the first 24 hours. She refused to go potty. She happily went for walks, sniffed grass, drank water, but NO GO. Her first morning with us, she limped displaying a lame front paw. Off to the Vet we went.

I have run out of time. Tune in next Tuesday for the conclusion of our first 24 hours with our dream dog, Dawn.

Deborah Taylor-French

Rock Star: Adopted Pets Rock – Wordless Wednesday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Wordless Wednesday: Adopted Pets Rock

Sydney adopted January 2005 

5 x 7 Sydney jumps

Photo credit: Alex Leeds

Sydney came from  the City of Petaluma Shelter. A bundle of energy ready to train into a burst of agility by our child, dog and daughter forged a strong bond.

Sydney, dubbed “Sid Vicious” for chewing on shelter workers fingers, turned out to be loyal, loving hearted and healing for our family. He still has the best pair of canine watch dog ears, we have watched in action in our home. This boy, labeled a biter, had a record of biting Vets and groomers. Sure, he bit us for the first few months until we could train him out of such a puppy-age-habit.

Rock Star Sid Vicious
Rock Star Sid Vicious

He remains our rock star, even as he turns 10!

Free a click a day feeds shelter pets or buy holiday cards from The Animal Rescue Site online store.

This is a blog hop.

Please visit the fab pet blogs on Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday: Adopted Pets Rock.

Mutt Monday: Sports Star and Talking Dog Video

By Deborah Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

This video grabbed my attention, and then the talking dog grabbed my curiosity.

Cheer up this Monday with this heartwarming story. All pets do not have homes, but a homeless mutt loves receiving an invitation to go home with a new family. I love the contrast in characters, the beefy football player and the little white spiky-haired dog.

You never know what your next best friend will look like. The way a dog looks or his breed end up of much less importance than the personality and health of the pet. After adopting five dogs, I report that ALL our adopted  dogs lived joyful, healthy, and long lives. Purebred or mutt never mattered as much as personality, eagerness to please, and loving natures.

The smartest and most trainable dogs, I have ever raised have been one-year or older mutts–REALLY.

Football Star & Homeless Mutt Story Video

I realize it has been a longtime, perhaps six months, since I blogged a Mutt Monday.

Dog adoption, one of my  favorite topics and messages, stays in mind due to several million shelter-less dogs in the USA, dying each year for the lack of a home. The majority of these dogs turn out to have been proven healthy and adoptable. They die for the lack of a family.

A large percentage of US citizens believe pet adoption from animal shelters rates 70% or more on importance. But  only about 20% of USA citizens adopt a pet.  See American Humane Association.

Pet Overpopulation

Our family found homeless purebred dogs, each one-year-old, healthy, happy and great to live with. Each had been returned to their breeder three times. Puppies grow up. One-year-olds can be like our dogs, already with some training and eager to please.

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next pet.

Three ways you can help shelter pets.

  1. Give a click a day to feed shelter pets. No cost to you.
  2. Volunteer to answer phones, help walk or train shelter dogs, etc.
  3. Donate money to shelters. Remember, this is a tax deduction.

I invite you to leave a comment about the age, personality and where you found your adopted dog. I like to publish photographs of readers’ adopted dogs on Dog Leader Mysteries.

Your comment starts the process.