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Electronics stolen from animal shelter

“Whenever anything truly bad made headline news and I would ask my mother about it,  she always said, 
'Look to the helpers. You will find helpers when you look.’” 
Mr. Rogers

Burglary Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

A Friday night in mid-June, burglars entered through an open window, grabbed a laptop computer, a portable printer, a projector and a flat screen T.V. The flat screen is used to teach volunteers and kids animal camp. Next, the thieves put the animal shelter’s stolen items in a truck owned by the shelter. “Burglary and theft always feels like a violation and it’s all the more maddening when it affects helpless animals,” Mickey Zeldes, RPA Shelter Supervisor.

Are you a helper? Will you help?

“The Animal Shelter League had been making preparations to launch a fundraiser to build small group rooms for the hundreds of kittens they take in each year and that must live in cages with little breaks for social play.”

Yes, we agree.
Don’t Shop, ADOPT

“The frustration and sadness of seeing the shelter ransacked was doubly heartbreaking…now with the break-in, the limited funds must be used to replace stolen items.” The truck was found abandoned nearby. Kayla Webster, The Community Voice, June 19, 2015. Anyone wishing to be a helper and donate can do so at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. Thank you for caring, giving and sharing for homeless pets.

The loss of the business and educational equipment should not keep friends, volunteers and community from improving the welfare of kittens they take in each year. Please donate on their Website Rohnert Park Animal Shelter or by mail or visiting the shelter at 301 J. Rogers Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

Kid bake sale $$$ 4 pets
Animal shelter helpers!

Looking for a photo credit for the one above. On Facebook RPAS wrote that these Kidz and Critters Campers took action to help replace the stolen items by holding a bake sale that  raised $381.00 for the animal shelter.

Shelter Supervisor Micky Zeldes writes a bi-monthly column on shelter pets in The Community Voice and also writes blog posts on the shelters Website. I think she does a wonderful job of advocating for all types of pets. She also continues, along with volunteers, educating volunteers and children at the shelter’s summer Critter Camp.

One Hundred Years of Kindness

There is a fascinating overview of a hundred years of celebrating BKTAW at the kindness100.org website.  It highlights the celebrities that have been chairpersons for this event over the years including Shirley Temple (1936), Betty White (1971), John Wayne (1973), Doris Day (1975), Clint Eastwood (1982), and Richard Dreyfuss (1991) among others.  Many of these stars have continued on in animal welfare for their entire careers.  It also includes some of the achievements this movement has garnered over the years. Interesting to see how far we’ve come and what issues are still the same after all these years.”

Mickey Zeldes 100 years of kindness

Please visit the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter Facebook Page

Please take action!
Actions show who U R


Thanks for caring and sharing, Deborah Taylor-French

Epiphany: Photo Friday

“An epiphany is a sudden realization of a significant event. At that special moment, a life meaning becomes clear to you —an insight into your personality, a discovery of something you value or believe in, an acute sense of where you are in life.”

Epiphany as call and response

The specific epiphany when a friend became ill and I called her. The question was to respond breakdown without need or fear. Did I answer?

Yes, I answered a literal call for help and felt divinely supported in providing. In fact, I feel so grateful that a strong friend expressed over the phone her needs. How often do we tell each other the truth? How often do we wish we had taken the time to tell the truth?

What a joy to give and feel bigger

There comes a marvelous intimacy when the most important inner need comes to us as the opportunity to give. Giving feels like a jump for joy moment, I feel bigger and more able to give. When people believe in God or have faith, they give from faith. They give from the knowledge that God gives them all good things. They experience the epiphany that God gives abundantly, and therefore, as receivers of God’s love they also must give abundantly.

Watch dog
Loyal, calm, loving and ever protective of his family Simba keeps watch.

So this blog post comes late, with the photograph of a neighbors beloved Japanese Shibu Inu. Many dogs of this breed await adoption so please adopt, don’t shop.

Give to a dog rescue or sponsor or foster a homeless pet

Visit Noahs Dogs to learn about the breed and find the perfect dog waiting for you.

Mutt Monday: Adopt a shelter dog

By Deborah Taylor-French

Mutt Monday: Adopt a shelter dog

Last Saturday, we joined in the fun the Animal Shelter League’s Mutt Strut. This fundraiser for Rohnert Park Animal Shelter, fits perfectly in autumn with fun for all. After hunkering down at dog level we awaited the returning fundraising teams. Great to see all the lovely mutts from the truly tiny to a Great Pyrenees. 


Plus we saw a dog from the Sighthound categoryThe breed’s name is Borzoi, but is also known as the Russian Wolfhound.  One of the largest dog breeds in the world. It originated in Central Asia and was brought to Russia. This large dog can reach a height of 80 cm at the shoulder. A dear friend of mine searched for years to find one available for adoption.

So when you see a purebred dog, you never know if that dog came to his people through buying, rescuing or adopting from a shelter as an older dog. I adopted two perfectly healthy and lovely keeshonds that had “failed” in three homes before they turned one year old.

What fun to see both leggy hounds, square-shaped terriers and tiny dogs all parading!

The Animal Shelter League’s Mutt Strutt 2013

One happy leggy dog.
One happy leggy dog.

Before we left we bought a book entitled The Rescue from author, Kristina Ashley. I liked her and her sign that for every book purchased at Mutt Strut she would donate a dollar to the animal shelter. After chatting for a few minutes, I remembered I had read about her book for children in my local newspaper. Find her book, The Rescue by clicking on the title in this line.

To visit, click on this Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.

Please adopt, don’t shop!

Shelter dogs wait for their forever families, go see the marvelous dogs at your local shelter. Volunteer. 

We saw a blood hound then watched a costume contest.

Blood Hound in Mutt Strut raising money for shelter pets.
Blood Hound in Mutt Strut raising money for shelter pets.

Costume contest winners patiently wore an assortment of dresses, and full body gear. All kids who entered won a goody bag. I liked that they offered one costume contest for kids and one for adults.

Here’s our favorite dog costume made by brother and sister. They won first place.


 What a great time everybody shared in the warm northern California afternoon.

Malakai, a Great Pyrenees walking for shelter pets
Strutting for shelter pets

Coming soon costume contest from Mutt Strut 2014

PS. We took a hundred photographs at this years Mutt Strut. Planning to upload them soon so you can see the fun dog and person costumes. Several pet parents came as a set or dressed in a theme for the costume contest.

Meanwhile, I am sharing a few of our Sydney favorites. We dress him up to brighten our days. Have to confess Sydney never wears a costume for long, yet he tries to stay patient to pose for a few photographs.

Sydney dressed as Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin

Hint, I like eating pumpkin.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

Love PUPPIES: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Saw a sign in front of a local pet store, it said.

We love puppies that is why we don’t sell them.

Blood Hound Puppy 3


Go visit my blog pal, Debra Levy at C-Dog and Company. She has two very good  posts on why 99% of pet store puppies are from puppy mills.

This is how I feel about puppy mills and pet stores that sell puppies.
This is how I feel about puppy mills and pet stores that sell puppies.

Please pass this on. Share it, copy and paste it.

You have my permission!


 I want to save dogs’ lives.

Together we can SAVE PUPPIES and DOGS!

Shelter Dog Play Groups?!?!

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

Dog Play Groups for Shelter Dogs?

Adoption (Photo credit: EndlessHorizons)

Now here is an idea we can use to help #shelterdogs be healthier, happier and ready for adoption. Please read the entire post on afureverfamily blog. Thanks.

Always adopt, never

shop for your next pet.

Waiting is hard to do.
Waiting is hard to do.


What a concept – bringing together groups of pups with different backgrounds and the baggage that comes from being strays or simply thrown away. It’s called “Dogs Playing for Life” and it’s a program developed by Aimee Sadler of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. This program is being taught around the country to shelter and rescue groups who want to take the next step in exercising and socializing the dogs that will one day – hopefully – be a part of the larger community.

So, why am I talking about this program? Because the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is taking this step and as a volunteer I was able to join in the training this past week.

The classroom training was full of useful information about the benefits of play groups and the different play styles, so I just have to share some of these insights here.

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