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Be the Change 4 American wild horses

Horses captured my heart before I could talk

Give my that carrot.
A curious friendly & hungry little horse

American wild horses need help.

October 15, 2015 Good News 4 Sequoia, 1 wild horse
Her brown coloration dived her from the adoptable horses.
Protect this American mustang. Do it now or Sequoia dies #1598.

On October 14 I read Protect Mustangs Facebook page and saw this news. “GREAT NEWS! SEQUOIA (#1598) had no bids during the Internet Adoption and thanks to you all sharing her photo SEQUOIA has been adopted! Congratulations to Judith Hamilton-Schultze on Welcoming SEQUOIA into your family! Thank you so much for saving her.”

“YOU made a difference by Sharing ‪#‎SEQUOIA‬’s photo to find her forever home and now YOU can make a difference by WRITING BLM today and asking them to leave the ‪#‎REDDESERT‬ Complex Wild Horses alone in WYOMING and NO ROUNDUP–NO FERTILITY CONTROL (PZP)…

…because wild horses are an underpopulated species in America today and especially in Wyoming!”


The bad news? The killing goes on.

BRAVE is in Fallon, Nevada, right now and that’s where the kill-buyer auction is! ‪#‎SAVEBRAVE Please adopt her. If you can’t adopt please share her photo so someone can save her. Please?

American mustang dies or lives by a walk in adoption in Fallon
American mustang dies or lives by a walk in adoption in Fallon

Opening bid is $125 U.S. dollars.

This is how you adopt online from the BLM:

Go to: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/howtoadopt.php

Below is more information about #BRAVE from BLM:

  • Sex: Filly Age: 1 Years Height (in hands): 13
  • Necktag #: 1560 Date Captured: 04/01/14
  • Freezemark: 14621560 Signalment Key: HF1AAAABB
  • Color: Bay. Brave was born in a holding facility.

After October 8, 2015 all unclaimed mustangs will be available for in-person walk up adoption ONLY.

Take action‬ because this mustang, born in captivity, should not die because the U.S. Bureau of Land Management would rather truck her out of state to a slaughter house. She does not deserve being made into dog food. She deserves to live, run free or at least be loved and cared for by a kind human family that knows how to gently teach her to trust.

Please save American mustangs.

Please contact please visit the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management and protest the killing of American wild horses. Demand humane treatment of all wild horses. Don’t let them run them down with helicopters and trucks. Don’t let the BLM round-ups continue to chase mustangs until their legs break.

Go fetch Facebook updates by Protect Mustangs.

Save American Mustangs
Grab this badge, write 4 animals then add #BtC4Animals
Contact Protect Mustangs.org
Remember, you’ve got power!
Margaret Mead would approve
Be the Change for one animal at a time.

If you like this Margaret Mead photo and quote, I’m adding a link so you to find it. Disclaimer: I did not create this, nor do I own it.

Microchip your dog!

Microchip your dog!
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot… nothing 
is going to get better. It's not.”
Black Dog
Microchip me, please. I look like hundreds of other dogs.

Thousands of black dogs or cats live in your city or county

Please microchip your pets. Dogs, cats, pet rabbits, horses and ponies need to be microchipped.

The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, continues to be a presence for good in Lake County, California, after the wildfire that took the lives of firefighters, home owners, renters, ranchers and their animals. Helping People and Animals in Peril From Fires and Floods published on A Humane Nation Wayne Pacelle’s Blog. Wayne Pacelle is the President and Chief Executive. The Humane Society of the United States.

Lost and found pets from the Lake County fire

The bad news? Hundred of pets lost their lives. The good news? Hundreds of other cats, dogs, pet rabbits, ponies and horses got saved or found by animal welfare staff and volunteers. Sonoma County lies just south of Lake County, California, and in a news statement a local contractor said, “Nearly everyone here in Sonoma County knows someone in Lake County.” That’s why she opened her warehouse and put out the word that she would sort, store and transport supplies for those who lost everything in the wildfire.

“So many people had to flee quickly and couldn’t find/catch/transport all their animals – especially those with horses or livestock. The amazing thing is how many survived and are being found alive!”

“There are certainly lessons to learn from this incident, both from the shelter perspective and as a pet owner. It really re-inforces the importance of a microchip. Animals were turned loose to give them a chance to survive, and they are being caught – that’s sometimes the easy part. Next is how to reunite them with their owners. How many black cats look alike? Especially if you add some cinders and singed fur. Would you recognize your pet? What if he was badly injured? Or just completely filthy? In the chaos of rescue work, sometimes the exact location where a pet was found isn’t documented (or all landmarks and street signs are gone and the rescuer really doesn’t know where the animal was found). Animals in panic mode can travel quite a distance and be found far from home so you can’t rely on a description of where the animal was found to identify him. Collars are wonderful and definitely your first line of offense in trying to get your pet back if they ever became lost – but a microchip is very much needed as a back-up system!”

“Lake County Fire” by Mickey Zeldes, The Community Voice, September 24, 2015 11:05 am

Prepare now. Have each pet microchipped
Blog the Change for animals

Four times a year Blog Paws runs Be the Change for Animals, also known as #BtC4A a hashtag, for actions taken for humane treatment of any and all animals. Be the Change for Animals, actually, is a movement without borders. You can write or talk about any topic that will raise public awareness, anywhere in the world, for a better life for animals.

Please Be the change for animals,by blogging, calling, sharing on social media or volunteering and donating to Lake County fire victims. So many ways to help, so please choose one.

Our local shelter director shared good news of how the local human and pet rescue revealed new moves for temporary sheltering people and their pets. Many business, including the local Wall-Mart opened up their parking lots for RV, trailer and tent camping. Pets got to stay with their families.

Please share because October 15 is 2 days from today!
Dog Leader Mysteries

Thank you for reading, caring and sharing,

Deborah Taylor-French

Blog 4 the Change 4 Animals: April 15

Tip for pet and animal bloggers

Please write a post for humane treatment of animals. Why post it tomorrow? Because four times a year, #BtC4animals happens all over the World Wide Web. You, also, can make a difference. Write on any type of blog for animals and use the hashtag above. If you do not want to blog, then write a post on Facebook, etc., sharing a petition, a need for a phone call or a letter to help wild animals, farm animals or pets.

Bloggers write for humane animal welfare

Blog the Change for animals

April 15, 2015 join me.

  • This is far simpler than you imagine.
  • Pick an animal cause.
  • Write about it.
  • Quote your sources and/or add links.
  • Go add your post link on Be the Change for Animals’ Website.
  • Add the code, if you can. (WordPress.com doesn’t let me, darn!)
  • Share the change. #BtC4animals hashtag on Facebook and all social media.

Love, Deborah Taylor-French

Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.
Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.

Be the change. Do it now.

Dog Leader Mysteries.com

Visit this page tomorrow

Write 4 animal rights

Free captive animals BtC4A

Yes, YOU, can spring captive animals

Despite laws that make cruelty to animals a crime, cruelty continues in a thousand ways for millions of animals. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can do something about these crimes. You can write for the change without a blog, write on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, write emails, write letters and all this adds up to changing public opinion, changing laws and changing cruel treatment.

Be the change for animals

Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals
Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals

Write 4 the Change for Animals

Be a hero 4 free.

Write for Be the Change for Animals or Be the Change for Pets. Four times a year, you can join Be the Change by writing, signing petitions and raising awareness through emails, letters to newspapers, letters to government officials, blogging and sharing on social media.

Write 4 rescued bunnies: Alabama State law ruled to send back into factory farms

Now this story hurts. Factory farm rabbits, stressed and abused get rescued, only to be returned to other meat farms? Bizarre. The only word a friend of mine liked to stretch-out like it meant a secret nasty thing only he knew of.

Rabbits' health suffers when neglected.
Rabbits’ health suffers when neglected.

“Over 200 neglected and malnourished rabbits and other animals were seized on January 29 in Lauderdale County, Alabama as a result of a cruelty complaint. While this should be good news, and was for the animals of other species that were seized, the rabbits’ situation became tragically worse, as if that were possible! The district attorney decided to send the rabbits to commercial rabbit breeders both inside and outside the state, to spend their lives breeding and in miserable conditions until death.” Be the Change for Animals “Let’s Spring the Animals that Need Release!-#BtC4A”

No kidding! I just called the government official responsible for this meat rabbit mess-up, the D.A. in Florence, Alabama. I left a respectful message, requesting that he change his directive and send those 200 rescued abused and neglicted rabbits to a humane society or bunny refuge that will help them regain their health and get adoptive homes. Call or write Chris Connolly. He works as county district attorney in Lauderdale.

Lauderdale County District Attorney
200 South Court Street
PO Box 914
Florence, AL 35631-0914

Phone number for Mr. Connolly:  256-764-6351. My thanks go with you.

Sign petition here. Demand Sanctuary for 161 Rabbits Confiscated and Condemned to Die in Alabama

Blog the Change for Animals

April 15, 2015

I'm a happy dog now.
I’m a happy dog now.

Yes, you can. Write a blog post for animals. Write to save shelter pets lives or to stop puppy mills from selling pups at pet stores. Whatever your topic be sure to go to copy your blog post link and visit Blog the Change for Animals then add your link tomorrow. Don’t stop there, share on social media adding the hashtag #BtC4A or #BtC4animals.

Blog the Change for Animals

I do hope you will pick a topic that needs attention or share animal welfare topics on social media. Do remember you can share the old fashion and preferred way, by word of mouth. For connecting on Facebook with #BtC4A click the following link: Be the Change for Animals Facebook

Let me out, I need to move.
Never neglect animals.

3 things dogs hate

Dogs hate three things

Living with people for thousands of years, dogs have changed. They have learned much about people, in general and in specific.. Of course genetically, dogs as a species continue to change and be changed by human neglect or human intention.

Science continues to study dogs. All over the world, canine and brain researchers keep learning new things about dogs all the time.

  • Dogs have a high pain tolerance, so don’t test it.
  • Dogs have a sense of fairness, did you know that?
  • Dogs have super sensitive hearing.

Do not do these 3 things to your dog

  1. Never use a choke collar.
  2. Never give other pets treats without giving your dog treats too.
  3. Never yell at your dog.

Number 1: The delicate breathing system and swallowing, which include drinking and eating, receive permanent  damage from choke and prong collars. See my No More Death by Collar

Number 2: The research proves animals have a sense of fairness and that dogs can count, at least enough to know unfair giving of rewards.

Number 3: The top trainers, canine behaviorists and research show that yelling will make your dog afraid of you.

Lee Duncan and Rin Tin Tin
Lee Duncan and Rin Tin Tin












Thanks for reading Dog Leader Mysteries. 

Deborah Taylor-French

Please add to my list. Leave a comment for me because I’m sure dogs hate more than these three things.