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Blog 4 the Change 4 Animals: April 15

Tip for pet and animal bloggers

Please write a post for humane treatment of animals. Why post it tomorrow? Because four times a year, #BtC4animals happens all over the World Wide Web. You, also, can make a difference. Write on any type of blog for animals and use the hashtag above. If you do not want to blog, then write a post on Facebook, etc., sharing a petition, a need for a phone call or a letter to help wild animals, farm animals or pets.

Bloggers write for humane animal welfare

Blog the Change for animals

April 15, 2015 join me.

  • This is far simpler than you imagine.
  • Pick an animal cause.
  • Write about it.
  • Quote your sources and/or add links.
  • Go add your post link on Be the Change for Animals’ Website.
  • Add the code, if you can. (WordPress.com doesn’t let me, darn!)
  • Share the change. #BtC4animals hashtag on Facebook and all social media.

Love, Deborah Taylor-French

Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.
Go blog the change. I want my brothers and sisters adopted.

Be the change. Do it now.

Dog Leader Mysteries.com

Visit this page tomorrow

Save a Billon Songbirds: Be the Change for Animals

By Deborah Taylor-French

Hungry Songbirds

This morning I looked out at our bird feeder. The songbirds have been eating huge amounts this winter and early spring, so the feeder has a half – dozen birds perching and waiting hidden nearby in the Fuji apple tree. On California’s west coast, birds nest earlier each year.

 A Big Problem

Not a bird insight

On top of our weathered side fence, a hunter lurked in the form of a neighbor’s black and white cat. I opened the window and shouted. The hunter hunkered down, not wanting to leave. Big problem, not a bird insight. I clapped and kept making noise until he left. He looked much like the cat below.

Hunting Cat, Istambul, Turkey

Well-fed Predators Kill Billions of Birds

Free-Roaming Cats: A Conservation Crisis: Domestic cats are recognized as a threat to global biodiversity. Cats have contributed to the extinction of 33 species across the world and continue to adversely impact a wide variety of species, including those that are threatened or endangered. The ecological dangers are so critical that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) now lists domestic cats as one of the world’s worst non-native invasive species.

 In the U.S., free-roaming domestic cats kill an estimated 1.4-3.7 billion birds and 6.9-20.7 billion mammals. The sheer quantity of cat-caused mortality is staggering. For perspective, consider that 1.4 billion is equivalent to the entire human population of China, the most populous country in the world. As the number of cats continues to grow and owners continue to allow their pets to roam, harmful impacts will surely increase.” American Bird Conservancy 

Catch Songbirds only on camera, thanks!
Catch Songbirds only on camera, thanks!
Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals

Each morning I wake feeling gratitude for all the love and kindness in my life. I want the next generation of children and their children to hear songbirds in spring.

This blog expresses and works to protect animals, wild or tame. I belong to a spiritual community that teaches and spreads the wonderful philosophy of Ernest Holmes. Daily, we unify our minds with the One Life, All Giving, All Good. No matter what your faith or religious affiliation, the message of love or charity shines to all.

Please visit these sites and share this post.

Thanks a bunch because…

together, we can save songbirds.

American Bird Conservancy Blog Conserving Native Birds and Their Habitats Throughout the Americas

The American Bird Conservancy

Cats Indoors: Better for Cats. Better for Birds. Better for People.

Songbird Care and Education Center

Click each day on The Animal Rescue Site. It’s free, and  each click gives one bowl of food to a hungry shelter animal.

BtC4A: Local Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Such a fascinating, thoughtful and detailed piece of writing with great photographs of wildlife, and a healthy reminder that we humans keep moving in on homelands of wild creatures, all over the globe. Please read Back Alley Soapbox. I love this blog. Not only is this a Blog Paws member, but this post is another four times a year, “Be the Change for Animals” advocate’s voice, which I hope my readers will not only enjoy, but share too.

Thanks, Deborah

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals

Back Alley Soapbox

It’s that time again!

The first Blog the Change for Animals for 2014 is here, and you can visit the BTC website and read the other posts by other bloggers by clicking here.


All of my previous Blog the Change posts have been about companion animal rescue efforts or campaigns, which makes a lot of sense for a dog blogger. And, of course, these are always extremely worthy recipients of donations, awareness, and volunteer efforts.

For this instalment, however, I’d like to change the focus.

Say your cat gets a hold of a bird in the yard. Say your dog goes after a porcupine or rabbit or skunk at the off-leash park. What if, after investigating a loud thud against the window, you find a dazed bird? What happens if a fawn is orphaned by poachers or some young goslings are orphaned by traffic? What if a family of…

View original post 757 more words

We Are Hungry: Be the Change for Animals

By Deborah Taylor-French

Walking by a local fundraiser for the Sonoma County Food Bank, I heard a person at the table say, “People are giving less this year, but more people are giving.” So what many food banks need are more givers.

Hungry People

With new funding cuts from the rich congress, food banks face a cut of 50% while the need for groceries grows. The working poor, the grandmothers living on fixed incomes from savings and small Social Security checks, (Please remember, all who worked paid into this safety net.) and the children living in poverty go hungry.

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Have you been homeless? I have had both experiences, luckily I got a job as a motel maid, which provided my husband and me a cabin to live in. At that time, he was serving in the US Navy, so we could not move to an area with more plentiful and affordable rentals.

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals

Each morning I wake, I think and feel gratitude for all the love and kindness showing up in my life.

Some would say that I pray, others would say I contemplate or meditate. In Ernest Holmes philosophy, I unify my mind with the One Life, all giving, all good and generous. I ask this One Life to guide and send me to do what is mine to do for others.

No matter what your faith or religious affiliation, the message of love or charity shines to all.

Give and do what you can. For many an animal, a child or a grandmother will go hungry today.

Hungry people and their pets

Please feed us.
Street guitarist and his beloved dog.

I took this photograph in Italy. This street musician does not look hungry, neither does his dog. Yet I gave him money because he gave so much, simply playing and singing. When he had finished his song, he put down his guitar and lifted up his dog. He spoke to her so tenderly, rubbed her fur and hugged her. In his pet, he held happiness and love.

Please give to your local food bank and help feed shelter pets.

Free to Feed Shelter Pets

Please visit my post and click each day on The Animal Rescue Site. It’s free, and  each click gives one bowl of food to a hungry shelter animal.

Wagging Tales: Kathy Hensel Porter

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

Dogs show us dozens of tail wags. Some go slow, others fast, dogs can swing softly and thump the floor in a running tempo.

For my friend Kathy Hensel Porter, dogs must do their happy dance each time they set eyes on her. Why? Because Kathy respects, knows, understands, and loves dogs.

Kathy Hensel Porter

As Volunteer Director for the local chapter of a Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) organization, Kathy served on the board of directors from 1992-1997.

Kathy blogs at Healing Rescue Dogs.

Her blog tagline?

“You can change your life (with some help from your dog).”

Kathy Hensel Porter Pet Blogger and Author
Kathy Hensel Porter Pet Blogger and Author

She confesses on her blog Healing Rescue Dogs,

“…for 7 years, I lived head-over-heels, a personal 24/7 dog rescue experience.”

Exploring the relationship between people and dogs, I write about this powerful and emotional connection on Healing Rescue Dogs because I believe that dogs are natural teachers. All we have to do is actively listen to them.

Love Wags Its Tail book cover on Amazon
Love Wags Its Tail book cover on Amazon

Please visit and share one or two of her posts. Here is one of my favorites by Kathy.

Benefits of the Canine Good Citizen Certificaton Stamps Out Stupid Dog People

After blogging for two years, Kathy wrote her first book: Love Always Wags Its Tail, The Dogs That Changed My Life.

It’s available on Amazon’s Kindle platform (digital download) and on Amazon’s Create Space (print-on-demand) in paperback. 

 Kathy and I Met on Blog Paws

I met Kathy when I joined the Blog Paws Community, Kathy welcomed me. I saw that she continues to be very active on the discussion groups. Plus Kathy shares both her experience of dog rescue, and  as a pet blogger. She lives as a loving pet parent with her family and their dogs.

BlogPaws is a Community of like-minded, passionate pet bloggers, helping one another expand our networks and achieve our online goals.

To learn more about or connect with Kathy Hensel Porter, M.Ed.

Kathy Hensel Porter, M.Ed.on Google+ https://plus.google.com/101351189354389263367

Find Kathy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathyhporter

Find Kathy Hensel Porter on Google +

Twitter: kathyhporter

Please let me know if you read Kathy’s blog or are reading her book.