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March Hares?

Bunny madness or March hares?

crop Tux stands pantry

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Our house rabbit, Tuxedo, loving his litter box and fresh Timothy hay

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Wild hares in art?

Wild Hares in contemporary art? Sure, why not. Check out this Sonoma County, California painter’s site. I loved this artist who noticed how wild hares freeze when facing their fears. Inspiring the artist to try the same approach to her fears.

Yvette Buigues

Yvette Buigues sitting-hare“200 Hares series. The hare has a rich history in folklore around the world. There are stories that tell of it’s courage and fear, its relationship to and use by the moon as a messenger to earth; the hare is associated with the Sun, fertility, the dawn, and even seen as a trickster.”

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Little stinker dog

Do you have a little stinker, too?

What Sydney lacks in manners he makes up in sheer entertainment. Maybe you have a little stinker like our Syd? Living free but living off us for free, he often goes his own way and pretends he doesn’t hear our “Sydney, sit” or “Quiet” while his having a barkathon.

Come on, Winnie, rescue me.
Hope mom gets done soon.

Sydney’s been our bad dog for thirteen years, and he is not about to stop. We love him even when he does his own thing. So the following modeling sessions either came about as luck or an off-day, when he worked for pets, treats and praise.

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Clean teeth = healthy heart

Dental hygiene keeps dogs’ hearts strong

Not Toothless Yet

Sydney enjoys  chicken flavored toothpaste

How is your pet’s dental health

Do you know that veterinarians February is National Pet Dental Health Month in the United States of America? If you didn’t, no problem. Writing Dog Leader Mysteries blog has brought a wider awareness of canine health care to my attention. I joined Blog Paws

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FYI on National Pet Dental Health Month

Learn more about National Pet Dental Health Month by visiting the American Veterinary Medical Association Web site as linked above.

Please visit my blog post “6 health problems in senior dogs.

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Magic snuggle

A heartwarming cuddle

My new friend, Fran, send me this dear photograph of her two rescue dogs. The black and tan saluki dog came to Fran with the name of Hunter. He’d been abused so his Fran, his new mom, gave him a new identity, Magik Hunter. She calls him Magik.

The whippet rescue dog has helped to calm and to reassure Magik. Of course his mom and a kind dog trainer helped him learn he now lives in a perfectly safe home. It took four to five months for Magkic to re-learn to trust. Now, as you can see, he loves his new family dearly. What could be a better Valentine pet photograph?

Happy Valentines
Fireside snuggle  Photo credit: Fran Claggett
Dog Breed: Saluki
The Saluki, is a dog which was historically bred 
in the Fertile Crescent where agriculture originated. 
The Saluki is classed as a sighthound and has their typicaldeep-chested, long legged body. 
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Speed: 43 mph (Maximum, Adult)
Mass: 40 – 60 lbs (Adult) - Google page for Saluki dog

Read more about saluki dogs on the American Kennel Club Saluki Dog Breed page.

Remember to adopt a saluki dog from a rescue, ethical breeders like the one who raised Magkic went to great trouble to find and rescue this handsome and gentle dog. Millions of dogs in America die in animal shelters due to lack of a home. The number of purebred dogs has remained at a steady 25% for the past 30 years. So keep calm and rescue, give foster care,  rehome and adopt dogs. Thanks for reading.

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Rescue, foster and rehome
Everyone can do something. Every kindness matters.
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