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Little stinker dog

Do you have a little stinker, too?

What Sydney lacks in manners he makes up in sheer entertainment. Maybe you have a little stinker like our Syd? Living free but living off us for free, he often goes his own way and pretends he doesn’t hear our “Sydney, sit” or “Quiet” while his having a barkathon.

Come on, Winnie, rescue me.
Hope mom gets done soon.

Sydney’s been our bad dog for thirteen years, and he is not about to stop. We love him even when he does his own thing. So the following modeling sessions either came about as luck or an off-day, when he worked for pets, treats and praise.

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday
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Magic snuggle

A heartwarming cuddle

My new friend, Fran, send me this dear photograph of her two rescue dogs. The black and tan saluki dog came to Fran with the name of Hunter. He’d been abused so his Fran, his new mom, gave him a new identity, Magik Hunter. She calls him Magik.

The whippet rescue dog has helped to calm and to reassure Magik. Of course his mom and a kind dog trainer helped him learn he now lives in a perfectly safe home. It took four to five months for Magkic to re-learn to trust. Now, as you can see, he loves his new family dearly. What could be a better Valentine pet photograph?

Happy Valentines
Fireside snuggle  Photo credit: Fran Claggett
Dog Breed: Saluki
The Saluki, is a dog which was historically bred 
in the Fertile Crescent where agriculture originated. 
The Saluki is classed as a sighthound and has their typicaldeep-chested, long legged body. 
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Speed: 43 mph (Maximum, Adult)
Mass: 40 – 60 lbs (Adult) - Google page for Saluki dog

Read more about saluki dogs on the American Kennel Club Saluki Dog Breed page.

Remember to adopt a saluki dog from a rescue, ethical breeders like the one who raised Magkic went to great trouble to find and rescue this handsome and gentle dog. Millions of dogs in America die in animal shelters due to lack of a home. The number of purebred dogs has remained at a steady 25% for the past 30 years. So keep calm and rescue, give foster care,  rehome and adopt dogs. Thanks for reading.

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Rescue, foster and rehome
Everyone can do something. Every kindness matters.
Wordless Wednesday
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Giving Time

 December is the giving month

Happy campers
Heads together, our Keeshond, Dancing Bear Dawn, and our girl

Our Dawn gave us so much as a family

Our dogs gave us so much. Our beloved (long gone) keeshond, Dawn, taught our family patience and tolerance. Dawn loved our whole family. When our daughter came to us, in foster care, Dawn made the baby her business. Keeshonds are known as wonderful family dogs. Dawn showed love to all. What an example Dawn showed by daily interest in all that went on with our child. I never witnessed any jealousy from our dog.

So today I give acknowledgement to Dawn’s patience and gentle sibling willingness. Not all pets do well with babies or children. From our child’s first observation of Dawn, she seemed to adore our dog. As a toddler, our child would walk or crawl over and curl up inside Dawn’s furry love-seat shaped body. I felt so happy to see Dawn calmly accept our child’s need for closeness. This photograph shows their bond, plus how comfortable and cosy they enjoyed being. To read more about Dawn on Dog Leader Mysteries visit my page Adopt a Keeshond: Save a Good Dog’s Life.

Give generously to local pet charities, volunteer, promote them on your blog.

“Tis the giving season…”

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Wordless Wednesday

House Rabbits Rock

Ten things to know on pet rabbits

“For April, BlogPaws celebrates Small Pet Appreciation Month. So all you bunny, chicks, hamster, rabbit, gerbil, ferret, fish, gecko, bird, and other small pet parents: This one’s for you!”

As a family we adopted our first rabbit, after both of our beloved dogs died within six months of each other. No way could we replace 16 years of loving attachment, fun, care-taking and adventure with Dawn and Nabisco.

Meet my best friends

Nabisco, Alex & Dawn siblings three

As a mom, I knew our child needed an animal to love. I needed an animal to love too. Something about waking up to give care, feeding, giving fresh water and love to an animal remains essential to my peace and happiness.

Oh, what's happening?
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny Day volunteer
We learned a great deal about house rabbits.
  1. House rabbits often live 10 years or more.
  2. Rabbit healthy diet requires feeding  90% Timothy hay or Orchard grass.
  3. Feed daily,  limited herbs and bites of vegetables.
  4. Rabbits take to litter box training fast.
  5. Rabbits can die of fright.
  6. Rabbits bones tend to be easily broken.
  7. Rabbits love to play and to interact with people.
  8. Rabbits to protect against cancer spayed or neutered.
  9. Not related to rats, rabbits are Lagomorphs.
  10. Rabbits teeth grow, therefore must cut hay and wood daily.
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Thanks Readers: Wordless Wednesday

Our list of thanks

Thanks readers
Thanks 4: 1,000 likes
  1. Thanks readers for giving us a thousand likes!
  2. Thanks to editor, Marc Hoffman, for copyediting and taking photographs.
  3. Thanks, Winnie and Evelyn, our dear sweet loving mothers.
  4. Thanks to blogger pals for commenting and cheering us on.
  5. Thanks to the One Life, Spirit, for good health for our pets and our families.
  6. Thanks to Blog Paws for connecting  pet bloggers.
  7. Thanks for daily abundance of food for our pets and ourselves.
  8. Thanks for the freedom to write and publish on the World Wide Web.
  9. Thanks to Andrew and Alex for love and support.
  10. Thanks to the staff and volunteers at the Petaluma Animal Shelter and the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter for saving our dog, Sydney, and our rabbit, Tuxedo.
  11. Thanks for Save a Bunny volunteers who teach us more about rabbit care.
  12. Thanks to Charlie Reinhart, trainer, at Unleashed Dog Training in Petaluma, California, for rescuing our dog.

    Thanks 4 sand, sea & stinky stuff
    We love the beach.

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